Service pack 2 - wireless adapter unable to connect DHCP

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have had a problem with my wireless connection after installing SP2 today.

    After installing SP2 I have been able to connect to 802.11b wireless network
    but I am unable to receive IP address from DHCP. There were no problems prior
    to installing SP2. My wireless network is not encrypted nor secured any other
    way. My ethernet adapter is connected to the same switch as my WiFi access
    point. There are no problems with the ethernet connection, only with WiFi

    I have uninstalled the network driver, fetched the newest one from the
    manufacturers home page and installed it. The problem remains.

    I have reinstalled TCP/IP protocol to network adapters as described in
    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 811259 How to determine and recover from
    Winsock2 corruption. No help.

    I am using Intel Centrino chipset with Intel Pro/wireless 2200BG chip for
    WiFi connections. Intel claims my Wifi chipset is SP2 compatible.

    Does anybody have a solution?

    Guest, Sep 18, 2004
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  2. Tomi,

    Let's try to remove this network from the list of WiFi networks. To do
    this, look at the network connections page, select this connection and view
    its properties. On the Wireless Networking tab of the Properties window you
    will find this Preferred Networks List. You can remove this problematic
    network from the list in a few clicks. If this is the only one in your
    list, well, wipe it clean.

    When you next come into range the View Available Networks window will let
    you optionally connect to this network (it won't automatically connect,
    because you've removed it from the preferred list. Now try connecting, and
    please let me know the final status indication that this network connection
    gives after the connection attempt. Once you connect, it will return to its
    place in the list of Preferred Networks.

    Hopefully there is some simple problem of incorrect configuration data. I
    am sure we can resolve your problem!

    Brian Wehrle [MSFT], Sep 21, 2004
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Judging by the other posts on this newsgroup there is a problem with SP2 and
    wireless networks. I have the same - do a search for Artitus and you will
    see just a couple of them and my specific problem.

    The only short term fix is to temporarily connect the laptop in question to
    a hardwired ethernet cable as this seems to force windows to release the IP
    address. The wireless connection then sorts itself out, and the laptop can
    then be disconnected form the ethernet cable.

    I have not yet seen any other or permanent fixes for this.

    Guest, Sep 22, 2004
  4. Guest

    David Warren Guest

    I am having the same problem with my wireless and SP2 as most people
    in this group.

    Has anybody tried all of the following that MS has suggested?;en-us;870702

    I have not had the time to read it all over and try everything.. so I
    am wondering if anyone has tried it and if so were you able to get
    your wireless working?

    David Warren, Sep 22, 2004
  5. Actually, this is not true; however, this may have worked for someone
    regaring some problem, but not for the reason listed below. Whether or not
    a LAN network is connected and has an address is independent of the WLAN
    connection and it's address.

    There are fewer problems with SP2 and WLAN networks than in SP1. This I
    know for a fact. However, some problems need good diagnosis, collection of
    information and triage. To that end, I can specifically explain to you how
    to recover the logs from Wireless Networking, and I can offer you the help
    in triaging your problems.

    I am hoping that Tomi follows-up with my action list, and Artitus, if you
    can repost your problems, I can also to diagnose your specific problem as
    I am confident that we can resolve all the WiFi issues you both may be

    Brian Wehrle [MSFT], Sep 23, 2004
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I had similar problems with SP2 - after installation my wireless connection
    worked, but only for 20 minutes at a time. Right-click followed by disable
    and enable restored the connection (but the icon in the display area still
    said 'unavailable') for another 20 minutes - then the cycle had to be

    I got so fed up with the time wasted that I rolled back to pre SP2 and
    everything works perfectly.

    Can anyone explain this? I have tried turning firewalls off, disabling
    antivirus software, all to no avail

    Guest, Sep 24, 2004
  7. Guest

    Jim C Guest

    my linksys card had the same problem. according to linksys, the driver must
    be updated, but they could not give a date.
    Jim C, Sep 24, 2004
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I had the same problem as well, what I did was basically just re-install the
    driver for the wireless adapter, and the connection works fine now.

    However, I am having problems with setting up a home network, which I had no
    issues with before I installed SP2. Basically I can't get it to work, and I
    have no idea why. Does it require all workgroup computers be on SP2?

    Guest, Sep 25, 2004
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I got temporary help from the following script to the problem where wireless
    network connection doesn't function with XP SP2 because it fails to retrieve
    IP address from DHCP.

    ipconfig /release
    netsh winsock reset catalog
    netsh int ip reset c:\TCPIPResetlog.txt
    ipconfig /renew

    which reseted windows IP stack somehow. This functioned for multiple times.
    Hoverever now even it doesn't help. I am stuck. I have tried the following in
    - I have uninstalled the network driver, fetched the newest one from the
    manufacturers home page and installed it.
    - I have reinstalled TCP/IP protocol to network adapters as described in
    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 811259 How to determine and recover from
    Winsock2 corruption.
    - I have tried to enable TCP/IP filtering with options Permit All as
    described by someone on this forum.
    - I have disabled the Wireless zero configuration service, rebooted, enabled
    it again and rebooted.

    Does anyone have any new tricks?

    Guest, Sep 29, 2004
  10. Guest

    Bill Pomeroy Guest

    For all having problems with wireless connectivity after installing SP2,
    this is what I did to fix the problem:
    1) Establish a WIRED network connection
    2) Run Windows update after SP2 is installed and make sure that your
    wireless device is plugged in when you run the update.
    3) Windows update will then find the new drivers for your wireless adapter
    that work with SP2.
    4) Download and install the new drivers for your wireless adapter
    5) Disconnect your WIRED network connection

    My symptoms prior to the above fix were the wireless network icon in the
    system tray showed the SSID and an excellent signal, but I was unable to get
    an ip address. Winipcfg showed "Media disconnected" for the wireless
    adapter. Repair and/or Release and renew had no effect.
    I tried two different USB wireless adapters with the same results; a Linksys
    Try it you'll like it!
    Bill Pomeroy, Sep 29, 2004
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I'm all ears!

    What steps would you like me to follow to start me down the track of sorting
    this issue out?


    Guest, Oct 7, 2004
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Brian,

    I have had IDNETICAL problems to these. In my case the problem appears to
    be IP address based. After installing SP2 I have brief connectivity to my
    WLAN and then nothing. Roll back to SP1 and everything is fine.

    I know my network encryption settings etc and they are all correct. There
    are definitely issues in SP2 with wireless networking. I have no problems
    with Windows any version from 98 up, except Windows XP SP2 which has some
    sort of problem/setting that is not obvious.

    Can you suggest a series of steps as mentioned in your previous post ?

    Ta !

    Guest, Dec 18, 2004
  13. Guest

    Chris Catt Guest

    Hi, strange you should have issues with SP2 and wireless as my home system
    and my work setup works just fine. I've not changed any of the settings at
    Chris Catt, Dec 19, 2004
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