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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tommy, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Tommy

    Tommy Guest

    I have about 8 Work stations. I only use about 4 or less at the same time. I
    am buying a new server and I want to relocate the server. The server is
    presently in another room away from the hub which is where all the cables go
    to. I want to relocate the server in a different location in another room
    which is a little farture. The room I am putting this in is larger and has
    more space for the server to work on in case of a problem and also much
    more vertilation . It is a dell power edge 2800 server with 2gb ddr2 memory
    and etc. Is it OK to put the server in a different location from where all
    the cables are connected to the hub??? Can you tell me the pro and cons???
    How far in feet is it ok to put the server from the Hub.?? I am using a
    switch instead of a hub because it works faster and better. Thanks in
    Tommy, Dec 29, 2004
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  2. Tommy

    Brian Guest

    of course you can put it in another room.. taking into account that 10 base
    T is limited to 100m (for best results) between devices.
    Brian, Dec 29, 2004
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  3. Tommy

    why? Guest

    Yes, having to run to the server room when there is a fault :)
    Hmmm feet, let's think back that far, cabling distance (Cat5/5e/6) is
    90m which works out at roughly 290 feet. You can go up to the often
    quoted 100m (330 feet) for Cat5/5e for 100Mbps that's the 90m between
    patch panels and extra for patch cables. It will run over slightly
    longer distances.

    For the new Cat 6, in the building where I work it's 90m including the
    patching, although there is no Gigabit to the desktops.
    'server from the Hub' then 'using a switch' ?

    Do you mean the 'Hub' is a switch?, I think it's better to use hub as a
    collection of ports then either repeater or switch if you want to be a
    bit more specific.

    why?, Dec 29, 2004
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