Server 2003 or Space Cadet 2003?

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by MF, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. MF

    MF Guest

    Here's an oddity: Server 2003, set up as a DC in a little test forest with
    no other DCs, has lost track of about 30 gigabytes of information contained
    in 6 partitions on the second (IDE) hard drive in the system.

    Now, 4 of those partitions are clones of partitions on the primary drive,
    all of which contain operating systems, and one of which is a clone of the
    Server 03 partition.

    I just discovered this. It wasn't happening the first couple weeks after
    the second drive was installed. 03 saw all of the partitions with their
    labels and their drive letters and data in both Explorer and Disk

    In Explorer, the partitions simply don't show up. In disk management,
    however, I see all the partitions. The disk is shown to be online (it's
    basic) and all the partitions are marked healthy, but they have no labels
    and they have no drive letters. All the partitions are, however, shown to
    be the correct size and to be formatted with the correct file system. But
    none of the programs or data is recognized - all the partitions are shown to
    have all the space available. And this includes the partitions that have
    only data and no OS on them.

    Rescanning the disks had no effect.

    I haven't had much chance to look into this yet, except that a quick scan of
    the event logs seemed to show that at one time 03 was trying to replicate
    Sysvol on the first drive to the Sysvol on the second drive, as if it
    thought this were another DC in the domain. That seems as if it might have
    something to do with the problem, but I haven't followed up yet. Nor have I
    checked DNS configuration,

    Has anyone run into this? I have had, and know others who have had,
    multiple partitions (clones) of the same server OS set up as DCs under NT
    and 2000 and have not come across this kind of problem.

    But maybe there's a simpler cause that I'm simply overlooking. What really
    seems odd is that it fails to see the data, the labels and the drive letters
    on all the partitions on the second drive, not just the one that's a clone
    of itself. And, of course, that it is correct about the other info
    concerning the partitions.

    The other OSs on the computer, 2000, 2000 Server and XP Pro, have no such
    problem, even though copies of their SYSVOLs exist on the second drive as

    Any ideas?

    MF, Feb 3, 2004
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  2. MF

    JaR Guest

    Can you access the second disk's partitions from the command line?

    May be hardware, you could try swapping IDE cables.

    Thug #411
    JaR, Feb 3, 2004
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  3. MF

    MF Guest

    Maybe, but then problem should show up in all the other OS's.

    DNS at first very quick look was ok but a little screwed up. Despite my
    instructions, 03 dns added the second NIC as a host. That NIC is the
    internet connection, and i don't want it as a host in the little test
    domain. It did not automatically add, tho I thought I told it to, a reverse
    lookup zone.

    But these errors do not seem that they should be the source of the problem.
    MF, Feb 4, 2004
  4. MF

    JaR Guest

    You'd think so, but my (limited) experience with 03 has lead to several
    hardware related glitches. Admittedly I've only run it on older machines.
    Might be worth a try, being as how it's just a clone of the other drive.
    It'd just take a sec to swap drives.

    Optimistic Thug
    JaR, Feb 4, 2004
  5. MF

    MikeF Guest

    It could be. Stranger things, etc....But, my god, all the stuff I'd
    have to move to get at it for that sec :) Like taking a house apart
    to tape up the occupant's sprained wrist.... or almost.

    To try to fix it in a hurry, i think i'd disconnect the drive, turn
    the computer on, start windows, shut it down, reconnect the drive and
    turn it back on to see if windows would find the drive as new and
    re-discover the data on the partitions. but as it is, i don't have to
    have that data under that OS so i want to toy a bit more with the
    notion that Windows did think that partition/that drive was another
    DC, which, of course, didn't work, so windows somehow curtailed
    communication with it.

    MikeF, Feb 5, 2004
  6. MF

    JaR Guest

    Heh! One of those. I've gotten so used to tearing open the box it's usually
    the first thing I do. If nothing else, they are normally chuck full of dust
    'cause they've got it sitting on the carpet ;-)

    When you get it figured out, one way or the other, I'd be real interested to
    know what happened.

    Good luck
    JaR, Feb 5, 2004
  7. MF

    MikeF Guest

    Hey, JaR

    You know, I never did figure out what happened. I searched microsoft's site
    and thought about it for a couple days, but couldn't come up with any
    insights. On MS site I came across a possible explanation, (I'll post an
    exerpt from it when I get back to that computer) having to do with Server 03
    may fail to recognize cloned partitions on another drive because they have
    the same GIUDs as the partitions on the original. The fix they suggest
    trying is running fdisk fixmbr to rewrite the MBR. I didn't want to do that,
    simply because one of those partitions has good data on it.

    And the explanation didn't make sense, except as a bug (indeed possible)
    because Win 98, 2k, 2KServer, and XP all could see all the cloned partitions
    without a hiccup. So first, I figured I'll fix the f0cker, I'll confuse the
    hell out of it. And booted to 2K3 on the cloned partition. It worked, as
    it should. So I shut down and booted back into 2K3 on the "production"
    partition. NOW it could see the first cloned partition on the second drive,
    which was Win98. But nothing else. It still showed the space for each
    partition in disk management, but no drive letters, no file system, no
    files, all free space. Except of course for the first one, which it had
    decided to call L:. Explorer showed the same. Diskpart was equally

    Why couldn't it see the rest of 'em? Who knows. So I just did what I do
    too often; figured fix it and forget it. So the fix was simple; just assign
    drive letters to each one of the partitions. Now it could acccess them, and
    identify and open the files, but it still couldn't report what kind of file
    system they had. After two reboots, it could.

    I guess windows still be windows.

    MikeF, Feb 16, 2004
  8. MF

    JaR Guest

    MikeF opined, On 2/15/04 10:41 PM:
    So true ;-)

    JaR, Feb 16, 2004
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