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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by woody, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. woody

    woody Guest

    I have a new WD SATA 80gb HD I am trying to install on this system:
    Sempron 2800CPU
    512MB ram
    Current HD 40GB IBM
    Win98 SE
    Bios is latest for MB and it sees SATA HD and I can disconnect current HD
    and partition SATA but win 2000 doesn't see it. Have tried to just
    partition HD without formatting and formatted using FDISK. Win 2000 OEM CD
    checks system, loads drivers and files gives message it finds no HD.
    Any ideas? TIA
    woody, Aug 9, 2005
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  2. woody

    why? Guest

    Win 2000 allows partitioning / formatting of a disk from it's own setup
    You didn't say with what FDISK , assuming Win98.

    You didn't say what SP for 2000.

    Is it an OEM CD for that system. It might just fail later on. I had an
    OEM NT4 that did that , 1 single modified line in the setup late on
    caused it not to work, although 98% of the setup was fine.
    Always an issue loading extra drivers during an install.
    Have an IDE disk to boot from with an installed and working OS on
    (Yes I know there are SATA only mobos, but non IDE has taken a while to
    arrive) it. Use the SATA or any other device that needs extra drivers as
    storage / application disks.

    I have never had a problem doing this, on any PC , even those that had
    lots of multi boot options, even when disks were detected correctly in
    the BIOS. It's a pain during setup, more than it's worth to get going.

    The only time I haven't done this is server setups at work using fairly
    expensive Adaptec SCSI controllers, those always worked fine.

    Did you a bit?

    There seem to be some specific motherboard controller / particular WD
    SATA drive model issues.

    You also didn't mention the SATA drive model number , the BIOS revision
    (the latest may mean something to you) but fails badly in a Google

    why?, Aug 9, 2005
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  3. woody

    Vanguard Guest

    Why are you using the Windows 2000 OEM CD unless you are actually trying
    to *install* the operating system? During the install, right at the
    start, there is a prompt telling you to hit the F6 key if you need to
    load special drivers, like for SCSI. That also includes SATA. Windows
    handles any BIOS-controlled controller like it is a SCSI controller
    (which also has its own BIOS). The system BIOS doesn't get used to
    control SCSI (or SATA drives). The SCSI (or SATA) controller's own BIOS
    handles that. You will need to hit F6 and then when prompted later
    insert the floppy or CD with the drivers for that controller.

    If you are using the operating system on your existing 40GB IDE drive to
    bring up an operating system then simply follow the instructions
    provided with the motherboard or controller to install the SATA drivers.

    If you cannot find the CD that came with the motherboard, you can find
    the SATA drivers at MSI's web site (
    Vanguard, Aug 9, 2005
  4. From win98, insert your motherboard driver cdrom and search the utility to
    create a SATA driver floppy (which should work for 2K and XP). When
    installing 2K, press F6 (or is it F5?) at the first install screen when it
    prompts on the status line. Then, when asked, insert the driver floppy.
    You may also take a look at your mobo manuf. homepage for some updated
    Walter Mautner, Aug 9, 2005
  5. woody

    tango Guest

    Thanks to everyone who replied, it was cockpit error, as I missed the brief
    message on the taskbar to hit F6 to load the SATA driver. Thanks again.
    tango, Aug 15, 2005
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