Sending a SMS via email

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Greg, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Greg

    Greg Guest

    Anyone know of a free email to sms gateway, basically send an email to

    , and it arrives on your cellphone. Yes I
    know that vodafone already do this for *their* customers, but I'm with
    Telecom and they don't seem to do that.

    Greg, Nov 27, 2010
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  2. Greg

    Sparks Guest

    Sending an email to used to send an SMS to
    Telecom customers.

    The recipient might have to sign up and agree to pay, before the email
    to sms gateway would deliver them any sms. Same with Vodafone and their
    email to sms gateway.
    Sparks, Nov 27, 2010
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  3. Greg

    victor Guest

    Don't know about email, but you can use a voip provider
    victor, Nov 27, 2010
  4. Greg

    Donchano Guest

    I just checked my Skype account and they want a shocking NZD0.97 to
    send a SMS text to my Telecom cellphone. Fat chance ...
    Donchano, Nov 27, 2010
  5. Greg

    Me Guest

    I use Skype to SMS, and cost is something like AUD$0.13 per message to
    Me, Nov 27, 2010
  6. Greg

    Donchano Guest

    DUHHHH. My mistake. It costs NZD0.097 (or ten cents) per SMS message.
    Just tried it and it works beautifully. Which means ... when our
    granddaughter sends us a text and we're at home, I don't have to
    agonise over the response. FREE AT LAST ...
    Donchano, Nov 27, 2010
  7. Lukagain Cos ThistleBounce, Nov 27, 2010
  8. Greg

    Me Guest

    What currency do you use? Do they accept NZD payment now?
    Yeah - skype does work beautifully for SMS.
    My teenager's group of friends have just cottoned on to skype, and are
    using it for contact/chat as the "latest thing".
    Two years ago it was SMS at 1000+ messages a month, then until recently,
    Me, Nov 28, 2010
  9. Greg

    Donchano Guest

    That makes two mistakes in one day!!! I put in my NZ cellphone number
    and made the wrong assumption about the cost being in NZ dollars. It's
    USD0.097 ... which will buy me a dime.
    Donchano, Nov 28, 2010
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