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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by nadiralishah, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. nadiralishah

    nadiralishah Guest

    Dear All,

    i have created great b2b trading marketplace scripts (

    i am selling my script in great lower price.

    if you are interested then please feel free to contact me at
    or , then i
    will send you the URLs of my scripts with their admin panel access, so
    that you can check with your entire satisfaction before purchasing.

    in my clone, there are the following main modules/

    - Main Categories. (you can add/edit/delete categories from backend
    admin panel)
    - sub categories (you can add/edit/delete sub categories from backend
    admin panel)
    - countries (you can add/edit/delete countries from backend admin
    - About Country or europe or whatever (you can add/edit/delete About
    country secion images with their titles from backend admin panel)
    - Selling Trade Leads.
    - Buying Trade leads.
    - Products listings.
    - Companies listings.
    - Company profiles, and Product details, company video intro, etc etc
    - Admin Control Panel.
    - Banner Ads Management.
    - contact to members.
    - Different Membership levels (free and gold membership).
    - front/backend.
    - PHP /MySql
    - news section
    - success stories
    - Trade shows
    - Partner websites
    - Forum
    - BLogs
    - user can give comments and rating to buyer or seller to share their
    experience with buyer or seller. If feedback will be fake then can be
    deleted or inactive from backend admin panel.
    - Supplier video intro
    - and much more....!

    All the features can be control/monitor easily with the back end user
    friendly admin control panel i created.

    you can check my portfolio at

    and you can check my testimonials at

    i do custom web development as well as per your specifications.

    waiting for your positive, considerate and great response..

    many thanks and kind regards,

    Nadir Ali Shah
    nadiralishah, Jan 6, 2008
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