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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by xianzeguanggao, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Wish to cooperate with sincere partner, wish you to have novel
    Every friend: If you have a strong interest in advertisement plan,
    creative design, processing,etc., and have in every example that
    district succeed in, please give us a connection, we will appreciate
    your works very much, and introduce it still in the land that is
    developed at present.
    On the territory that we are in, commodity economy has just started,
    the enlargement that the construction of the city is too
    progressively, is it beautify city to need badly, make their have
    style and features of city that internationalize, need beauty,
    magnificence, energy-conservation, advertising equipment of low
    consumption and make very much. Make a general survey of several
    relatively big cities, advertising result of effect still
    unsatisfactory, detailed to study carefully reason its to is it have
    precise quantity to make, does not stress on adopting materials, a
    very great reason is that the strength of the making trader is
    insufficient here, mostly non-governmental companies. Restricted by
    fund, technology, at the same time it is imperfect that the
    information sharing is had, can't get the advanced examples of other
    areas. A few large-scale companies, it is complacent and conservative
    to produce again, make no attempt to make progress, meet the thought
    of the current situation.
    And we are cause development which is devoted to this respect,
    volunteer of construction, wish and have such outstanding enterprise,
    company of the respect as financial resources, material resources,
    technology,etc. to unite, develop this stretch of still very desolate
    land together. Hope the person who have interest contacts our
    company, the cooperator who not only become friends but also did the
    undertaking, it is believed that the prospect will be very
    Manager Chen: 86-0-13051247501
    Tel.: 86-10-82412631
    XianZe advertising co., Ltd. of Beijing
    xianzeguanggao, Jun 14, 2007
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