Seek basic but detailed intro to VOIP

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Leslie, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Leslie

    Leslie Guest

    The VOIP has entirely passed me by but now I think I really need to look
    at it.

    Many guides and FAQ seem to assume a basic knowledge of VOIP providers
    and how they work and of VOIP technology. Those guides which do not
    assume those things, tend to be extremely basic and superficial.

    Is there a guide for people who know nothing about VOIP but which is
    reasonably detailed.

    In the end I want to select which VOIP options suit me best, buy
    whatever equipment I need and configure it all.
    Leslie, Jul 25, 2007
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  2. Leslie

    Brian A Guest

    Go to
    scroll down to the header
    " Getting Started"
    click on
    "What is VOIP? The very basics."
    I could have given you the direct link but chose to do it this way as
    you can see the extent of the information available.

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    Brian A, Jul 25, 2007
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