Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80GB question

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by GraB, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. GraB

    GraB Guest

    As they are getting cheaper was thinking about getting one. But how
    hot do they run?
    GraB, Sep 9, 2003
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  2. GraB

    John Guest

    Does it matter?
    Ive one and I dont have any heat problems...
    I've just placed it in the cage with no devices directly on top...
    John, Sep 9, 2003
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  3. GraB

    Worm Guest

    Is that such an issue? Haven't seen mine go over 30 C

    Worm, Sep 9, 2003
  4. GraB

    Andrew Guest

    They run cooler then thier previous models

    And they were fine :)
    Andrew, Sep 10, 2003
  5. GraB

    Big Cat Guest

    Their are a large number of posts in the Storage News Group that they run to
    hot but this is not confirmed with the of these
    Big Cat, Sep 10, 2003
  6. GraB

    Chris Mayhew Guest

    Chris Mayhew, Sep 10, 2003
  7. Original 1994-era barracudas _REQUIRE_ forced air cooling.

    They've improved a lot since then.
    Uncle StoatWarbler, Sep 10, 2003
  8. GraB

    Whoknows Guest

    Hiya well I'm running two 160gig s7200.7 drive plus a couple of other
    different ones and they have both performed ok so far. Ones got the 2meg
    buffer and one the 8meg.
    Personally I think they are good value for money from paradigm and they
    are nice and quiet which is important to me.
    They do run reasonably hot althought that maybe cause they are the top
    two of 4 drives in my 3.5 inch bay anf they are rated up to 60C
    according to their specs.
    Whoknows, Sep 10, 2003
  9. GraB

    Big Cat Guest

    No they are refering to current models..
    Big Cat, Sep 10, 2003
  10. GraB

    Big Cat Guest

    I have 4 of the last year models and SMART read outs at max 33c, but then I
    have a 120mm Fan in front of them..
    Big Cat, Sep 10, 2003
  11. GraB

    Big Cat Guest

    Just checked my current Temp is 25/26c
    Big Cat, Sep 10, 2003
  12. GraB

    GraB Guest

    My old Quantum Fireball drives, a 13.6Gig and 15Gig were hot to touch,
    especially after running a defrag or other disc intensive operation.
    Both died and the replacement 20.5Gig Fireball is a lot quieter and
    quite cold to touch though it doesn't benchmark as well.

    When I upgrade my CPU to a hot Athlon, (2400 or 2600) other hot
    running devices in the case will not be desirable. I am aiming at a
    quiet computer so the lower I can keep the thermastat controlled CPU
    fan spinning, the better.

    It seems from what I have read that the Barracuda's don't benchmark
    that well, but they run quiet and have a low CPU utilisation which
    would be of benefit in a slower computer.

    The latest APC mag gives a very good review to the Samsung 160Gig
    ATA100 drive with 2meg buffer for performance, noise and cool running
    and they are at a good price.
    GraB, Sep 10, 2003
  13. GraB

    Big Cat Guest

    And I would not buy one with a Bargepoll, go read what others think of these
    utter Crap drives in the Storage news group..

    Like the IBM 75 GXP Drives, they had Great reviews but the drives did not
    last, yes I had 4 of them, all replaces with seagates..
    Big Cat, Sep 10, 2003
  14. GraB

    Ben Perston Guest

    I don't think the CPU utilisation is an issue, since old computers only
    have ATA/33 or worse, and there's not much difference anyway. I've got a
    120 Gb 7200.7 and it vibrates quite annoyingly. Probably just a bad
    one... seems to work perfectly though. Provided you're not bothered by a
    faint but audible whine, the Western Digital JB drives are probably better
    - three year warranties and an 8 Mb buffer, substantially quicker
    according to Must be why my Windows installation seems
    faster than my Red Hat one ;).
    That's the funniest thing I've read all day :). Kudos.
    They come with a 3-year warranty though, right? It counts for a lot with
    hard drive
    Ben Perston, Sep 10, 2003
  15. GraB

    Ben Perston Guest

    Not very. With pretty much any 7200 RPM hard drive now, it'll be fine
    provided your case has moderately decent airflow, and most importantly,
    it's not adjacent to any other hard drives. I had two drives (briefly)
    set up like this, and the temperature between them got over 30 degrees
    above ambient - when they were separated, each was more like 10 above

    If this is a second hard drive and you have an ordinary mid-tower ATX case
    you might need to move your floppy drive down a bay and put the hard drive
    where it was, or get a bracket to fit it in a 5 1/4" bay.
    Ben Perston, Sep 10, 2003
  16. Oh, ambient's 20~25ish C.
    Phillip Weston, Sep 10, 2003
  17. GraB

    Ben Perston Guest

    Then 25 is a pretty impressive drive temperature :). Is this from the
    SMART info thing or via a sensor mounted top centre?
    Ben Perston, Sep 10, 2003
  18. From the smart thing. the 25C was when the ambient temp was at 20C,
    the ambient is now 25C and the HD is sitting at 30C, with no extra
    case cooling.
    Phillip Weston, Sep 10, 2003
  19. GraB

    Max Burke Guest

    Ben Perston scribbled:
    SpeedFan which it gets from S.M.A.R.T
    AIDA reports that temp as well, again from S.M.A.R.T
    The Bios health reports that temperature range as well.....
    Currently the drive temp is 32C but it's been running for 7-8 hours.....
    Max Burke, Sep 10, 2003
  20. GraB

    GraB Guest

    I found it can be if you are doing video capture and compressing on
    the fly. When I installed a hard drive controller card and ran the
    drive through that, that made all the difference.
    GraB, Sep 10, 2003
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