SD Card Reader installed (but USB PCI and HUB problems) ???? Help

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by a_newsreader, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. a_newsreader

    a_newsreader Guest

    This is on W2k

    My problem started when I tried to tidy up the installation of my Sweex
    30-in-1 Internal Card Reader as it was only temporarily installed
    externally on a USB hub.

    I thought my problems would be over regards clutter by getting rid of
    one of the 2 usb hubs I have a purchasing a 4port USB PCI card,
    connecting internally the Card reader and then connecting the remaining
    USB hub to the back of one of the PCI card's USB ports.

    But everytime I connect the hub to the port on either the card or on
    the motherboard, it knocks out the Card reader.

    When watching the Device Manager, I notice that under the USB
    controllers, when I connect the Hub it of course finds new hardware and
    installs Generic USB Hub controllers (or something like that). At that
    point the drives that are indicated in Windows Explorer for the card
    reader disappear (or Windows said that I have removed a device that I
    should have stopped first). If I unplug the hub from the usb port, I
    need to uninstall the hub's generic drivers and windows has no problem
    finding the card reader and restarting it.

    Please can anyone suggest what I can do, as I really need to have these
    hubs working (as well as the card reader !)

    a_newsreader, Aug 30, 2006
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