Scientific American Weighs In

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Charles, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Check out pages 34 and 35 of Scientific American, Oct. 2011.

    The megapixel hype has breached the threshold of sanity and, at long last,
    popular media and average consumers are now realizing that is mostly
    marketing hype. It (more pixels are better) made some sense 15 years ago.

    The important thing nowadays, for many average consumers, is the response
    time of point and shoot cameras. Most of the current models are soooo slow
    that precious moments are missed more often than they are captured.

    Ignorant consumers are short-lived and so are their suppliers.
    Charles, Oct 14, 2011
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  2. Charles

    Bruce Guest

    What applies to consumers does not necessarily apply to advanced
    amateur and professional photographers, who are likely to have
    entirely different expectations of their photo equipment.

    The megapixel race is far from over, with 30+ MP full frame models
    expected in the next few months from Canon, Nikon and Sony.
    Bruce, Oct 15, 2011
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  3. Charles

    John Turco Guest

    Scientific American is just a "fluff" magazine and shouldn't be taken
    seriously, anyway.
    John Turco, Oct 27, 2011
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