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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Shawn Hirn, May 4, 2009.

  1. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    So guns in the hands of such people might not be the best method for self
    I was talking to a friend yesterday who has an american family staying with
    him at the
    moment, the 9 yearold child has already asked him where his gun is
    When he said he didn;t have one my friend replied we don;t get many bears in
    our garden (south London catford).
    The boys father doesnt; have one but it seems teh 9- yearold goes to a
    friends house
    to 'play' with theirs..... I'm assuming the gun isn't loaded but the idea
    would still
    frighten me. Sure let them play with toy guns, I did, but a real one
    ........I'm not
    so sure about.
    Although I know of some people that don;t like the idea of toy guns and kids
    but I don;t have any great concern about how this affects a childs mind.

    All true, I assume you've heard of our polititions and their 'claims'
    for expenses.

    Well that makes sense, but here in the UK less so.
    whisky-dave, May 28, 2009
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  2. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    provided they are held quietly and no one knows about them
    and they aren't used then they won't be a problem.
    I feel the same way about lions & tigers, I only worry when I see them
    roaming around supermarkets or walking down the street.
    whisky-dave, May 28, 2009
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  3. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    I do feel sorry for those that truly like guns for what they are rather than
    as a useful weapon, and I really don;t understand why the police asked for
    them to be handed in unless they had reason to believe they would be used
    for criminal activity or were unsafe.
    Well speed cameras have reduced the number of speeding cars.
    I know, I don;t drive, but I do travel in cars and friends they do tend to
    keep below
    the limit when they know cameras are about. But this isnl;t because of the
    but the fine should they be caught speeding. So the cameras don;t stop
    motorists, it's the threat of a fine that does that.
    It'd be nice to see a graph, I don;t remmebr the details, I do remmeber
    being more armed police but can;t be sure whether the %age of armed
    police change that much.

    I wonder if we'll ever know.

    Legal guns can kill too, even in the hands of the well trained and well

    Also a legal gun held by a really nice harmless person can be stolen.
    This very thing happened at a gun club. A gun was stolen from the club
    and used to kill someone. So I would be concerned if there were a lot of
    legal guns held.

    How do you work that one out.
    Sitting on a triain to go someone is not illegal yet, I do it everyday.

    I agree my camera club walked out of a national trust house when we were
    told we couldn't take photos for security reasons but could buy them
    'off the shelf as postcards'

    yep, maybe leave that for another day/week.
    whisky-dave, May 28, 2009
  4. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    I guess so, but a gun in the back or held against the head can be
    enough I'd have thought. As would a banana.
    I feel the same way about people with guns whether it be police
    my friends brother firing in to the air or anyone else.
    Yep, and hopefully with a 'weaker' weapon less harm.

    Have you visited greece, italy or india.

    true but surly they are less likely to be ignored if the law on speeding is
    rigorously upheld and heavier fines imposed.
    I've certainly noictice less cars in bus lanes over the years as fines have
    Now 120 UKP..
    whisky-dave, May 28, 2009
  5. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    Yes they did as ALL *legal* guns were registered by serial number to an
    owner with an address and where they kept the guns. You move house you
    have to tell the police and get the new storage inspected.

    The only guns they did not know about were illegal guns.
    I agree. It is not the number of guns... some countries have far more
    guns as a percentage of population but a much lower gun crime rate. It
    is not so much the guns as the culture of the people.

    Though in the culture where guns are used in crime more people tend to
    want/get them and use them.

    True. House insurance then... that is not mandatory.
    They do now in the UK
    The legal gun owners were not lunatics.
    That is complete bullocks. There are far more armed police in the UK
    than ever before and these guns are now normally carried around the
    streets. Not held in Police stations
    That is not an absolute.
    Most people speed to a greater or lesser extent.
    Quite often in some cities.
    It depends who has the gun. Though the police have shot a fair few wrong
    Chris H, May 28, 2009
  6. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    Well most are also, in the right hands, pretty devastating as a weapon.
    Political reasons? In most dictatorships they start by removing
    privately held firearms.
    Not at all... only where the cameras are.
    They are usually placed to generate money
    I did have the figures (as I was a shooter at the time) but I have lost
    faith in any statistics on this sort of thing.

    We do. MI5 recently did a report saying that the biggest threat to law
    and order at the moment is not terrorism but unrest in "middle England"
    which is broadly speaking the educated affluent white middle class CofE
    (not the white supremacists who tend to working class and not so
    But you are more likely to be struck by lighting or killed by a family
    member with a kitchen knife
    VERY Rarely and insignificant rise compared to the numbers killed by
    stolen cars.
    That is HIGHLY unusual as guns are not normally kept at gun clubs and if
    they are the security is very tight. Not something an ameture can get
    into .
    Why? There were many thousands held and it was so rare guns were ever
    stolen (other than shotguns which is still the case)

    You are far more likely to be run over by some one stealing your own car
    as has happened more often than people have been killed by stolen legal
    He should not have been there.

    Photography... Why bring that up here :)))))

    The National Trust are getting very silly over photography by all
    accounts. I read somewhere that they are chasing stock libraries that
    have any photos of any NT properties no matter where or when they were
    Chris H, May 28, 2009
  7. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    It is.
    It depends on circumstance.
    That is your personal insecurity. I don't want a nanny state where
    anyone who is scared of their own shadow makes the rules fro normal
    people (and yes I have been shot at and held at gunpoint)
    Not at all. Weaker weapons often cause more harm I would rather be shot
    than attacked with a knife.
    Not so. They would be less likely to be ignored if the limits were more
    sensibly placed and taxation camera more sensibly used.

    Now no one has any respect for speed limits or the people who enforce
    Can't argue there.
    Chris H, May 28, 2009
  8. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    As he should have left the country several years before having had his
    visa revoked.

    He was a criminal.

    He was working as an Electrician but clearly not certified unless he
    gave forged details. I which case that is a crime one way or the other.

    In any event he should not even have been in the UK let alone illegally
    working as an Electrician.
    Chris H, May 28, 2009
  9. Shawn Hirn

    Twibil Guest

    Sorry, a radio isn't a magic wand.

    First, there has to be somebody up ahead on that road to intercept the
    oncoming scofflaw. On little two-laned roads in rural areas that's
    unlikely. Too many variables in terms of possible escape routes the
    speeder could take, and far too few cops to cover them all.

    Secondly, that guy up ahead must have a radio with frequencies
    compatible with yours, and if he's with a different law-enforcement
    branch that's doubtful. (Our local law-enforcement guys: local cops,
    county sheriffs, the CHP, and emergency services only got their
    communications coodinated properly a few years ago, and things still
    don't always work as advertised.)
    Only if you know what road your perp is going to be on and you
    havethe time -and a reasonably safe opportunity- to deploy one. (And
    if your baddie doesn't simply drive around it.)
    That isn't "lucky". I've seen cops kneeling down and being sick by the
    side of the road from the emotional impact of dealing with the
    aftermath of a particularly gory crash scene, and I've felt that way
    myself as a result of racetrack crashes on a few occasions.

    The car chases we all think about these days are the ones constantly
    popping up on TV news shows, but we tend to forget that *those are
    only the ones that go on long enough for a news helicopter to get on-
    scene*, and those only happen in metropolitan areas! But there are
    hundreds of very short chases that take place every day all across
    America, and in a certain percentage of those the chasee gets away
    scott-free; having ditched the pursuit long before they can get close
    enough to get a positive I.D. or any idea of where he's gone. And
    those successful evasions happen regularly despite radios, spike
    strips, et all.

    Now: Is it a stupid idea to try outrunning the cops? Sure.

    Is it dangeous? Very. (And not just to the perp, either.)

    Do I recommend it? *Absolutely not*!

    How do I know these things, and did I ever ditch a cop myself (back in
    the days when we all rode dinosaurs?) I'll take the 5th.
    Twibil, May 28, 2009
  10. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    So what was the point of the owner taking the gun to the police ?
    Why not let the police go to the gun, less risk of them getting stolen
    in transit.
    Is that how the legality of guns is defined.
    Which is why I don;t want the UK culture to go US where poeple think
    they should or need to carry a gun or knife. we're trying to eliminate the
    'need' for school kids to carry knives for self defense, yeear ago even 8
    used to carry pen knives, but they weren;t considered as self defence
    It seems that the main us of guns in teh US is for self defence.
    Obviously I'm excluding the military forces in this.

    Yes, I'd like to aviod that coming to the UK.
    We have two, buildings and mortar insurance which you have to have in order
    to get a mortgage, then there's contents insurance which you don't have to

    What about the one that had a car accident and it damaged part of his brain
    then he went and killed his wife and kid.
    You don;t have to be a lunatic to kill with a legal gun but I guess it

    It's not like the police don't kill innocent peolpe with their legal guns
    Not normally until they use the terrorism card.
    Not all police carry guns, and were employing comunity police more and more
    cetainly won;t ever carry a gun.
    A friend a cycle courier was questioned briefly by police with big guns
    because he
    left his bike against a railings while delivering a parcel in central london

    pretty absolute, unless you can think of a very good reason for ignoring
    a policeman telling you to stop the engine and get out of the car.
    I've been in the situation 3 times so far.
    I'm sure they take the number plate before stopping you, unless perhaps you
    kill them before they radio in or anyone else see's you, perhaps a sub
    machine gun
    could be used to 'disperse' the crowd too ;-)
    I agree it doesn't make it right or safe, but some are OK others I would
    even when below the speed limit.
    True it happens occasionally near where I live, I doubt they are legal guns
    but I'm not sure where if it were a legal gun it's status would changed if
    in an illegal activity.

    Ah target sounds like an Americanism when you can forget about people
    everything is just a target.
    let's Lock 'n' load
    whisky-dave, May 29, 2009
  11. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    Not too sure what the right hands are.

    Dictatorships hand out weapons to their friends, as they do with power
    and money.

    The number of speeding cars has reduced.
    Simple math really, most people tend to slow down a bit of they know they
    likely to be filmed, captured and fined.
    yes, although those near schools seem to resonable.
    I'd vote Australia as they worse on these creaming money fromk motorists
    rather than the UK or US although I don't know much about the US speed

    I've lost faith in most statistics, especially with the availability of
    silicon implants
    it just doesn't; mean the same anymore.
    Are you sure they didn't mean middle earth.
    When you say a threat to law and order are you particular referring to
    gun crime, i.e violent crime or fraud, like claiming for a mortgage you
    don;t have
    or cleaning out your moat because it's important for you constituents that
    you have a clean moat paid for by their taxes.

    Your more likely to get food poisoning too, but ti doesn't;t stop us having
    hygene rules and laws. Your more likely to be bitten by a dog that's why
    with have the
    dangerous dogs act and muzzeling.

    But cars have other uses too, quite a few more than a gun.
    Cars are good murder weapons too, but really used for such.
    He wasn't an amateur as such he was a member of the club it was at the
    house a large country residence think it was late 80s early 90s were they
    did anything from
    shooting squirrels to clay pigeons and archery I think. Nothing illegal and
    They had cupboards or rifles all locked but not exactly fort knox, just a
    that was 'disabled' using an axe.

    Because I'm more likely to encounter one or be on the wrong end of it.
    But perhaps you're right if I carried one of my own I'd have less chance
    of being shot.
    Stolen legal cars are a worry as is joy riding but I wouldn;t suggest
    we ignore them because it's a person right to be able to take a car
    and drive it in to someone. Youre; also likely to die of an allergy or skin
    but is that a good reason not to put warnign on packets.

    I can think of loads and lots of productive and worthwhile things that
    car owners tend to do in their cars, I can';t think of much for guns
    other than a sport, as for self defence I'd rather not have to carry a
    weapon to protect myself any more than I want to carry a gas mask
    in the case of chemical weapons or a special suite in case an atomic bomb
    goes off.
    But I do believe that perhaps nuclear power might be the only solution
    for energy in the near future. So would I be happy that every country gets
    the technology.

    he shouldn't have been taking a train journey ?
    Some of use do that for leisure, I have to to get to work.

    Why should he have been there, I think he had a legal ticket.
    The court case didn't conclude that he shouldn't have been there.

    Are you saying that when an innocent person gets shot, they shouldn;t have
    stood/sat where tehy were when shot.

    No idea, but P&S does sound like a gun maniac out of control.
    As for canon well that sounds like a weapon, and Nik-one
    well there's a thiefs call if I ever heard one.

    Oh dear and to my think my dads a member because he thought they
    do good things for photographers, well he gets a discount.
    whisky-dave, May 29, 2009
  12. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    So it's not a exactly a weapon for self defence.
    I also thought that for a gun to be legal it also had to be safe to use
    or be unusable.
    In the UK a car that isn't safe to drive isn't considered legal.
    You shouldn;t even have your car parked on a public road without a M.O.T
    cert unless you've registared it as off the road.
    Protection rather than self defence ;-)
    Ah a gun is now essential in the US ? ;-)

    I guess it's down to the individual whether or not they look after their
    weapon of choice.
    One would hope so.
    But I do wonder whether they are cheap ones from china or Taiwan
    or if not why not they seem to fake almost everything else.
    whisky-dave, May 29, 2009
  13. Because there were something like 50,000 people involved, the firearms had
    to be written down in a book and the owners eventually paid compensation.

    While police stations have the resources to manage that sort of thing
    specialist 'firearms officers' (not the armed ones, the ones who administer
    the firearms licensing system) did not, at that time, have the necessary
    time to do the task.

    The job is now carried out by uniformed staff who are not full police
    officers. My local chap is actually a retired soldier who spend 25 years
    as an armourer and knows a great deal more about guns than any policeman I
    ever met.
    More or less, yes...

    There are some exceptions, such as antiques, but even some of those require
    William Black, May 29, 2009
  14. Dan Stephenson, May 31, 2009
  15. Shawn Hirn

    Surreyman Guest

    Test reply, please ignore
    Surreyman, May 31, 2009
  16. Easy to get to Ely by train from all the cities the OP mentioned
    (indeed, direct services to Ely from all three, even Liverpool), and you
    obviously wouldn't usually need PT to cover Ely itself- it's compact.
    David Horne, _the_ chancellor, May 31, 2009
  17. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    Well I'd like to bring back the death penalty but not for that.
    I wouldn't want all criminals to be shot on sight.
    But if teh police did know this before why didn;t tehy arrest him before he
    even got on the tube.

    It's a crime the government is guilty of letting people work that should
    if they weren't so concerned about looking PC and getting votes
    this most likely never happened.

    True but I don't think shooting him on a tube train is the best solution to
    the problem
    as there' are 1000s just like him, I really wouldn't want the police armed
    and told
    to shoot these people on sight.
    whisky-dave, Jun 1, 2009
  18. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    I would feel insecure if they are told to shoot first ask, questions later.
    I also feel insecure enough to look both ways when crossing the road even if
    the lights
    are red although I don;t think being worried by an item that can end your
    qualifies as insecurity.
    I think those that carry guns for self defence are the insecure ones.

    It's not my shadow I'm scared of.
    A friend of mine was tracked down to a pub and searched by 4 police
    because she was seen taking a photo of Tilsbury power station.
    Maybe she should have been shot on sight too.
    I guess it was her spanish complection that might have freeked them.

    Is that shot once or attacked with a knife or be shot with a sub-machine
    If a knife can be so devastating then why do the majority in the US choose
    a gun as their preferred weapon of self defence, well those that want a
    for self defence.

    Thats' not what's been found though.
    I wonder why that is then.
    Perhaps these people have the same respect for others lives, I'd hate
    to give them the right to have a gun, when they show such little respect
    for speed or those enforcing them.

    Yep but I know more motorists that hate busses now than they did before.
    Especially the bendy buses, but they don;t drive behind them in protest.
    whisky-dave, Jun 1, 2009
  19. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    It depends who and where.
    I have carried a gun for self defence whist on duty in the UK.
    but not off duty.
    I can see no reason for most civilians to ever carry a gun for self
    defence and in the UK it is extremely rare. It is far more common that
    they assign an armed detective to you if there is a threat.

    Now that is worrying. What was the excuse the police gave? Not
    Terrorism? It is far easier to use google maps or one of the others or
    any of the many on-line images. For a real recce you use a mobile phone
    camera and make like a tourist.
    Why didn't you say... no beard was there?

    Either once or an SMG than a knife
    Don't be such an idiot. Go to a casualty and look at the mess a knife

    Because they are used to raise money not for safety whist the Police are
    raising cash they are not stopping the crime that blights the community.
    No there is no link.
    There is absolutely no correlation between the two
    Chris H, Jun 1, 2009
  20. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    They did not know that. Do pay attention. They thought he was someone
    HE was either an uncertified Electrician which is illegal (for safety )
    or he lied to get his certification....

    The certification was brought in to stop cowboy "electricians" like
    Mendes killing people with faulty work.
    Given the general public response to the BNP of late I would not ask
    that question in the average pub....

    Hopefully people will protest by voting Green rather than BNP
    Chris H, Jun 1, 2009
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