Scenic areas in England

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Shawn Hirn, May 4, 2009.

  1. a very good demonstration then....and a man who loves his job!
    House of Frauds, May 23, 2009
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  2. Shawn Hirn

    tony cooper Guest

    tony cooper, May 23, 2009
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  3. Shawn Hirn

    J. Clarke Guest

    I'm sorry, but that article is _funny_. I find myself wondering if they
    were using the same fire prevention manual as the Reichstag in 1933.

    So much for the myth of German ubercompetence.
    J. Clarke, May 23, 2009
  4. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    So why worry about guns as being necessary for self defence.
    Well if robbery is their aim, why worry about causing injury.

    So why do the USA and UK government not want certain countries like Iran,
    Iraq and many other not to have nuclear weapons if they say they're only
    for self defence.

    At the roundabout near me a 17 yearold girl walked out on to the road
    while on the phone and got struck down by a lorry, and killed.
    Another girl got mugged for her mobile then shot in the head at point blank
    In the UK there was quite a market for stolen mobiles.
    I totally agree and a mobile phone is a relatively recent one.
    Not too many in the UK, but how many peole are killed because of this.
    But we do have child safety belts and in the UK laws about kids traveling
    unsecured. I guess that the USAins can't drive as well us us in the UK
    that's why
    you have lower speed limits, although there's talk of lowering ours.
    Do you think lower speed limits save lives.
    whisky-dave, May 26, 2009
  5. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    So what were these laws and how have they changed things.
    That's all, so it did do something.
    Whether right or wrong something changed.

    That's why I asked it :)

    Well I'm not sure how much of a frenzy it set up but I know
    a few that were worried when the police storm a train and start
    shooting terrorists. I just hope friends and family feel better
    when it's a legal gun that's all.

    Well they are a number of places that don;t allow photography for that
    or rather that's the reason given.

    I guess so.
    But it still and does make kids a target.
    I'd ban rap that incited violence or glorified criminal activity, or perhaps
    not to be shown to the under 18.
    whisky-dave, May 26, 2009
  6. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    The law changed with respect to the types of guns that could be legally
    owned. As ALL legal guns in the UK are registered by serial number to
    the owner, their address and the storage place are on record when the
    law changed the police simply asked for the owners to hand them in at
    police stations.

    AFAIK everyone complied. So here were no more illegal guns in
    circulation the day after the ban than before. Certainly none of the
    legally held guns became illegally held.
    Yes as did changing a speed limit for cars. Neither had any effect on
    gun crime or the number of guns carried in public.

    Not strictly true. The number of armed police did rise dramatically in
    the years following the ban. This can not be put down to terrorism as
    the terrorism threat was constant and if anything started to fall off
    until the early 200's about 2003.
    There are many political answers about reducing gun crime, which it did
    not. As predicted by non- politicians it had no effect on gun crime so
    there mush be another reason fro wanting to diss-arm the gund owners who
    were on the whole white middle class.
    I am not sure what this has to do with the discussion.

    BTW in the Mendes case he should not have even been on the train in the
    first place. Had he been law abiding he would not have been there to be
    I know.. The usual paranoia. Though there are a few places that do have
    a good reason for not permitting photography (military bases and
    vulnerable points) most are for commercial reasons
    True. Some idiot tried to mug my some for his phone last week.

    Hmmm..... censorship another difficult topic.
    Chris H, May 26, 2009
  7. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    Depends where you get experience from I'm guessing by experience you mean
    firing a gun rather than studying it's specs in Gun monthly or whatever.

    Thought it was either a political move, as we moved out of most colonies.
    But maybe it was down to numbers.
    I'm assuming these guns were 'legal' then.

    But you seem to be suggesting that a single shot weapon is more deadly than
    say a sub machine gun, because you have to pay for the bullets.

    Then maybe all gun should be legal but charge a couple of $1000 for each
    would be preferred to gun banning, if you truly want a gun for self defence
    the law could re-emburse you under the condition that you were using
    the gun for self defence if it were proved that was the intention.
    whisky-dave, May 27, 2009
  8. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    I think it is quite a few more than that.
    In the same way setting speed limits solves nothing. Baning a type of
    gun where you don't know where the majority of them are and who
    specifically has them will mean that they will still be out in

    the UK bans only worked because the Police knew EXACTLY where ALL of the
    guns were
    No. I am not. There is a lot more to it than that.
    For the same reason careful drivers have issuance. You never know what
    lunatic is just around the corner. Besides when armed police turn up you
    either fight (and usually loose) or talk to them and for most minor
    crimes it is stupid to start shooting.

    Ie if I get pulled over for speeding shooting my way out is just landing
    myself in more trouble.
    Chris H, May 27, 2009
  9. I suspect there are plenty of guns still in England. Unless
    your population is very, very docile, there would be at
    least a few which are quietly held.

    Christopher A. Young
    Learn more about Jesus

    the UK bans only worked because the Police knew EXACTLY
    where ALL of the
    guns were
    Stormin Mormon, May 27, 2009
  10. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    None legally held BUT estimates are that there are a vast number of
    illegal guns. The majority held by criminals but probably a small
    number by "law abiding citizens" who have one in the attic for when the
    world ends.
    Chris H, May 27, 2009
  11. Why on earth would you think that?

    There's less than one policeman for every 1,000 people in most of the UK
    (London has roughly twice the number of cops than the rest of the UK when
    counted as a percentage of the population)

    With those sort of numbers the word you're looking for isn't 'docile' it's
    'reasonably happy'.
    William Black, May 27, 2009
  12. Shawn Hirn

    Twibil Guest

    Can go either way, though. A now-retired policeman friend of mine
    wiped out four patrol cars over the course of his career in our town.
    (Note the nice double-entendre there.) Totaled two in non-emegency
    traffic collisions and two more in high speed pursuits.

    The moral to this story is that you should *never* try to stay up with
    a Stingray through a 90 MPH sweeper in your Ford four-door sedan, no
    matter *how* good you think you are.
    Twibil, May 28, 2009
  13. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    Very many sources. WW2, Korea, Falklands, NI, Iraq etc and many
    civilian sources.
    Ask the UK border force. They stop thousands of guns a year and estimate
    it is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Ask the police. Every time there is an amnesty they get thousands of
    guns handed in and the majority are modern guns. Not old gund from 30
    years ago.
    Almost a 1-1 correlation.
    Not really.
    That does not mean they were not there. I never knew any drugs dealers
    above the street corner variety who were not armed.
    No true...before the 1968 FAC law many held guns
    This was true of many. However many also had guns
    Most certainly not true. It depends on the circles you move in.
    Now that is true but they have a very different gun culture
    All three were romantic writers and not based in reality
    This highlights the difference in culture not an empirical proof on the
    level of gun ownership
    Was never the case... Things have changed over the last 20 years.
    Chris H, May 28, 2009
  14. Shawn Hirn

    Chris H Guest

    Apparently very few. It was too bigger risk as the police would not
    believe you and doing that sort of thing carries a far greater risk.

    Besides there were more than enough illegal guns floating around anyway.
    Chris H, May 28, 2009
  15. I suspect there are plenty of guns still in England.
    Held since when? WW1? Where on earth would they have come

    CY: Same places that grow and sell street drugs.
    For a rather small value of "vast".

    CY: All in the perspective.

    (UK residents only). Compare the number of times you've
    been around
    illegal drugs with the number of times you've been in the
    presence of
    an illegal firearm. The deterrent sentences are of the same
    so the incentive for concealment is about the same, and guns
    are a
    lot harder to conceal. I suppose I've been in the same room
    as drugs
    with a street value in five or six figures over my lifetime,
    and never
    once seen an illegal firearm or met anyone in person who
    claimed to
    own one.

    CY: That's interesting. I'd have to think on how many
    illegal guns I've been aware. I guess I did see a sawed off
    shogtun at a guy's house, one time. I know of several of my
    law abiding friends who own a gun of some sort.
    Buying one has never been easy or common in the UK,
    regardless of
    what the law has said at various times. Mostly, people have
    them as a waste of money which would have been better spent
    on a
    sewing machine, a better stove, drink, tickets for Marie
    Lloyd at
    the music hall or a new Wii accessory.

    CY: Well, that's one way to look at it.

    Almost all people in the UK think guns are boring and their
    are creepy. (Americans who rabbit on about them on Usenet
    that perception with every message they post).

    CY: I havn't asked enough Americans about the UK view on
    guns. In the US, there are a variety of types of gun owners,
    and so their posting attitudes and styles will vary.

    Literature gives you a picture of how prevalent they've been
    time. How many characters in Dickens, Hardy or D.H.
    Lawrence owned

    CY: Can't say as I remember reading any of those authors.

    You will quite frequently find characters in American
    owning a gun despite being neither a cop, a neo-Nazi or a
    drug dealer.
    That is just about never the case in British writing; an
    author who
    tried it would come across as an American who'd never been
    here (as
    you do).

    CY: Yes, that sounds reasonable. And with many types of
    American fiction, someone writing a story with no guns would
    really sound strange to people in the USA.

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    Jack Campin, 11 Third St, Newtongrange EH22 4PU, Scotland ==
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    and Mac logic fonts
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    Stormin Mormon, May 28, 2009
  16. Or which quietly and simply disappeared?

    Christopher A. Young
    Learn more about Jesus

    Yes, I wonder how many of those previously legal guns were
    stolen a few days before the deadline for turning them
    Stormin Mormon, May 28, 2009
  17. All the Falklands guns got pulled by customs. They got something like

    They would say that wouldn't they, especially when this year's funding
    round starts.

    It's like ACPO claiming there were 3,000,000 illegal guns in circulation the
    week before they decided to try and get another round of firearms
    legislation in.

    It's what people call 'a lie'.
    The last major firearms amnesty was in 1997 I think. The vast majority of
    'modern' firearms handed in were of WWII German origin, to the extent that
    just about every military and regimental museum in the UK got a set of
    German WWII small arms for their displays.
    William Black, May 28, 2009
  18. You really don't know much about this stuff do you.

    In fact only one gun owner reported his pistols stolen rather than handing
    them in.

    He was eventually arrested and tried for illegal possession of firearms,
    and wasting police time. He did not receive a custodial sentence...
    William Black, May 28, 2009
  19. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    When was the last one ?
    and the last in the USA

    Bannming with no action won;t have any effect.

    No, they didn;t know where they all were, but on one being found that meant
    it had to be taken out of action, rahther than be left to use.
    There's also been a reduction in knife crime, maybe it has something to do
    with the 10,000 knives that have been 'recovered' on the streets.
    Difficult to tell really. I've seen youths being searched so maybe removing
    a knife
    from just one of them saved a life or even a short shave.
    Yes, but not that many people got killed by guns until they became the
    weapon of choice.

    No they have insurance because it is the law. Well in the UK anyway.
    True and I'd prefer suchb a luntic wouldn't have access to a gun.
    well we tend to only arm our police when a crime involving a firearm might
    but nowadays you might not know as the numbers of guns increase the
    of coming across one increases.

    Speeding off isn't a good idea either, but it happens.
    I'd have thought shooting a gun off isn't a good idea in general but it
    But how does that help the person that gets shot, ah yes, it's a bad idea
    be anywhere near a person with a gun, well at least that makes some sense.
    whisky-dave, May 28, 2009
  20. Shawn Hirn

    whisky-dave Guest

    Can go either way, though. A now-retired policeman friend of mine
    wiped out four patrol cars over the course of his career in our town.
    (Note the nice double-entendre there.)

    yes it was well aimed. ;)

    Totaled two in non-emegency
    traffic collisions and two more in high speed pursuits.

    The moral to this story is that you should *never* try to stay up with
    a Stingray through a 90 MPH sweeper in your Ford four-door sedan, no
    matter *how* good you think you are.

    Here in the UK they seem to use helicopters to chase speeding cars rather
    than risk
    innocent people being killed in RTAs, but it does happen of course.

    Most of these incidents seem to be when the car is stolen or a crime has
    been committed (no driving offence crime). Guns are rarely used.
    whisky-dave, May 28, 2009
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