scanning in rolls of film

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Peter_Wimsey, May 10, 2004.

  1. Peter_Wimsey

    Peter_Wimsey Guest

    I have searched the archives and yet to find a solution to this, but
    here is a most challenging question. I have 100 foot rolls of Ektachrome
    slides (from research surveys of the sea floor) and need to scan in
    portions of the film. We used to use a manual slider through a Polaroid
    Sprintscan model, but that one crapped out and isn't recommended or made
    like it was anymore.
    Now we have a Nikon LS5000 with the SA-30 adapter. Trick is that it only
    accepts up to 40 slides. Interestingly, the adapter seems to be
    hardwired to do this - i.e. physically the roller will only take 40, but
    even with the adapter removed, and feeding the film out the back of the
    scanner, the limit is still 40. I thought this was a software problem,
    but now I am not so sure. I tried a version of vuescan and it too
    receives a limit of 40 slides. Any attempt to restart the software at
    the 40 mark to keep going through the roll has failed. Nikon support has
    been predictably unsupportive.
    Hopefully this is clear, but I am stumped and looking to the gods of
    newsgroupland to help.
    Peter_Wimsey, May 10, 2004
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  2. Peter_Wimsey

    bagal Guest

    Hmmm - sounds like an interesting project

    I can't help at all on the hardware front and the only consolation that
    springs to mind is: one it (the info) is in digital form perhaps it will be
    a lot easier to manipulate the data you require.

    Which sounds awfully like: make it more complicated in order to then make it

    Bon chance!
    bagal, May 10, 2004
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