SBC Yahoo DSL and Firewall issues

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by the yeti, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. the yeti

    the yeti Guest

    I am mostly posting this so it gets archived on Google, hopefully it
    might help someone, some day.

    SBC Yahoo DSL, if you are a tech and have this service in your area
    you might get called on someday to install this. The install CD
    SUCKS. It forces you, with no choice, to install tons of SBC Yahoo
    crap. All pof which loads on startup. Fear not. Quickly choose
    Explore on the cd, look through the directory structure for a folder
    called " Enternet 300" or "Efficiant Networks" You can then install
    just the PPPoE dialer, quickly and painlessly connect to the SBC Yahoo

    Now I always miss the obvious. Throw me a impossible problem and I'll
    solve it in 5 minutes. Give me an easy one and I'll stare at it for

    I tried installing this SBC yahoo today, or to get the Enternet to
    connect and it kept failing. Enternet gave a "tap" error, the SBC
    installer just locked up and didnt do anything. I screwed around for
    about 45 minutes and then made the obvious realization that the
    Mcaffee firewall, which I had installed first, was preventing the
    dialer from working properly, and causing the Installer to lock up.
    Notice it just stops doing anything, no error, no "not responding" it
    just sits there. I tried disabeling the firewall, no luck. I stopped
    it in the MMC services snap in, no luck. After I finally uninstalled
    it the PPPoE connection worked fine.

    I left the Mcaffee uninstalled and just went with ZoneAlarm.

    I've always had horrible luck with Norton Internet security too. That
    program does weird voodoo things to peoples computers. If it is
    misconfigured it can be a nightmare to solve the issue. Note to techs
    : : Always Uninstall Norton Internet Security if you are having weird
    TCP/IP issues.

    O, whats that you say? You tried uninstalling Norton and it failed?
    You tried again and it says that the uninstaller is already running?
    Download this patch from Microsoft:;en-us;290301
    And now Norton will magically uninstall.

    I hope this helps someone, some day. Please post other small tips and
    tricks in this thread. Help someone today with Google.
    the yeti, Oct 22, 2004
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  2. You need to get rid of the SBC Broadjump (SPYWARE) software as well....
    SBC yahoo browser actually works fine, it's the other junk that messes
    things up...
    The software does not play nice with routers and the PPPoE configuration
    can be a pain in the A$$...
    (Unless of course it's the 2 wire piece of junk that has crap support...
    forget about Linux support as well)

    a good NG

    What has worked for me with no problems for the last 18 months....
    Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus
    ZoneAlarm Pro
    Adaware (latest)
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Mozilla FireFox... Get away from Explorer...
    (all free)
    «bonehead;\), Oct 22, 2004
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