Saving audio on local HD?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by doofus, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. doofus

    doofus Guest

    doofus, Sep 1, 2007
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  2. doofus

    Fred Guest

    Run a cable with two male ends from your extension speaker outlet jackpoint
    to your microphone in jack, and use whatever program you have to record it.
    Fred, Sep 1, 2007
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  3. doofus

    Mitch Guest

    That sounds wonderful; much more emotional than the Heifetz recordings
    of same, which is smoother, tempered and much more mechanical.

    I hope you have some luck, but the Heifetz recordings sound very good,
    and can be had from iTunes Store.
    Mitch, Sep 1, 2007
  4. doofus

    PeeCee Guest

    Install a copy of the free opensource audio editing program 'Audacity'
    Download from here
    Note there is a link to an Audacity tutorial on the same page.

    Open Audacity and your sound page, Select the source top right (usually
    Wave) click the record button in Audacity, click the music link and sit
    back and watch Audacity record the music.

    When finished click Audacity's stop button, and then 'Export as Wave.


    PeeCee, Sep 1, 2007
  5. doofus

    doofus Guest

    Yes. It's quite striking how this chaconne sounds, imho at least, better
    than anything I've heard from Menuhin, Heifetz, Busoni or anyone else. The
    tone is sweet but clear and sharp, the intonation near perfect. There's a
    kind of musical articulation, phrasing and such-like which separates this
    performance from Heifetz's brilliant but more plainly virtuosic one. It's
    amazing that this guy is or seems better than the big names.

    I conclude that Bach is not a virtuoso's composer.

    I can't agree that Heifetz lacks emotion, although that view is often
    expressed. On the contrary, I find his playing intense and, despite his
    placid face and almost military demeanour, richly expressive. He certainly
    is an amazing technician. But so is this guy.

    Anyway. I hope I don't have to do the cable thing. It's a good idea, though,
    and I appreciate it. If necessary, I think I'll just go back to the website
    when I need to listen.

    BTW: If you're interested, I also found this one which keeps playing a
    selection of the Guarneri Quartet's pieces:

    Listen out for the Bach G minor Adagio, Dvorak's American, and of course,
    our favorite Chaconne.

    Many happy hours of listening.

    I hope no one thinks this is spam. Oopsie. lol
    doofus, Sep 1, 2007
  6. doofus

    doofus Guest

    Thanks! I'll give it a try. You're a real star. :)
    doofus, Sep 1, 2007
  7. doofus

    *alan* Guest

    Perhaps you've got a different version. I've got Audacity version 1.2.6 (I
    think that's the latest and most likely the one the OP would be downloading)
    and found I had to do it a little differently.
    First of all, I could find no option to Select the source (top right or
    anywhere else).
    Secondly, from a drop-down menu in the middle of the toolbar, I had to
    choose "Stereo Mixer" (other options "Mic", "Line In", etc, did not record
    from the link).
    Thirdly, I found that my version's recording default was mono. I had to go
    to Edit>Preferences>I/O Tab, then from the Recording (Channels) drop-down
    menu, Select "2 (Stereo)". (otherwise, the end-product played only thru
    the right channel).
    After having done the above, I clicked the Record button, clicked the link,
    and it did record properly.
    After it's done, you can (from the File menu) export as WAV or as MP3.
    *alan*, Sep 1, 2007
  8. doofus

    Fred Guest

    To 'do the ccable thing' is easy though. I bought a couple of bits from a
    computer store which just pushed together to give me the two male ends -
    price was next to nothing. I found by then using a freeware download such as
    cdex or wave repair) (free in evaluation mode) I am able to get perfect
    recordings to store on hard drive or make CDs. Good luck with the project.
    Fred, Sep 1, 2007
  9. doofus

    PeeCee Guest

    mmmmm Mine is 1.2.4, shall have to look into the issues you raise.

    PeeCee, Sep 4, 2007
  10. doofus

    PeeCee Guest


    just installed 1.2.6

    The drop down menu 'is' the source ie the source of the sound you want to
    record from.
    The reason it is in the centre of your copy is likely to do with the
    resolution of the screen it is displayed on.
    When I 'window' Audacity to approximately 1024 x768 or smaller the source
    drop down is in the middle of the tool bar. Maximised on my screen to 1280 x
    1024 (19" LCD) the same source drop down moves over to the top right.

    Have vague recollections of making the same change way back when I first put
    Audacity on, may be something for the authors to consider.

    Just need to be aware the export MP3 option requires the Lame encoder dll
    presence. The first time you export to MP3 Audacity asks where the dll is
    located. It pays to download the dll from Audacity (same download page) and
    pre install it to C:/Windows or C:/Windows/System32.

    PeeCee, Sep 4, 2007
  11. doofus

    *alan* Guest

    Aha --- interesting how changing resolution moves the "Source" drop-down
    around. (Just checked -- mine is set at 800x600). Just for clarification,
    though, I think in your earlier post you referred to setting the Source as
    "usually WAVE" --- that option is not listed on the Source menu. Only Aux,
    CD Player, Line In, Mic, and Stereo Mixer are there, and only Stereo Mixer
    appears to work for recording from a link.

    Definitely ---- I can't imagine too many users wanting right-channel only
    mono . . .

    Good advice . . .
    *alan*, Sep 5, 2007
  12. doofus

    PeeCee Guest


    Hi Alan

    The options that appear in Audacity's Source drop down depend very much on
    what you have in the way of sound hardware and settings on 'your' PC.

    If you go into Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices and click the
    'Advanced' button for Device Volume, the usual XP style set of slider
    controls appears in a new window. At the top left is an 'Options' menu. Go
    into this Options menu and select 'Properties'.
    The Properties window that pops up has two radio buttons to select wether
    Recording or Playback options show in the window underneath. You can now
    tick/untick those inputs/outputs you want to show on the volume sliders.
    (and in Audacity's Source drop down)

    Now the 'gotcha' with this is the options you get depends 'very' much on the
    hardware/software on your PC. For example I have an Audigy Sound Blaster in
    this PC, this has a 'what U hear' option which often simplifies setting up
    recording options.
    On the otherhand the same PC has an onboard AC97 sound chipset, when this
    chipset is selected as the sound system in use I don't have the 'what u
    hear' option but has other options the SBlaster doesn't.

    Warning; be carefull fiddling in this area can lead to extreme frustration.
    My Mrs for example has spent hours trying to get her sound recording setup
    they way she want's it without sucess. Then without any apparent changes it
    will suddenly start working. Why? you tell me, hardware is fine, does the
    same with a fresh install of XP, latest drivers etc.

    Best Luck
    PeeCee, Sep 9, 2007
  13. doofus

    *alan* Guest

    Very interesting --- I had no idea there were so many ways I could fiddle
    around with the audio settings. Not having any idea what I'd be doing, or
    what results I might expect, I'll take the coward's way out for now, since
    everything seems to be working the way I want it to. One day, however, if
    I'm feeling adventurous, I'll take a screen shot of the settings as they are
    now (so I can easily re-set to what apparently works), and I might fiddle a
    bit. In the meantime, thanks for educating me :)
    *alan*, Sep 9, 2007
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