Save HD-DVD (Warner Brothers, The Consumer Has Not "Clearly" Chosen Blu-Ray) Thousands are signing

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by High Def Ducks, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. High Def Ducks, Jan 22, 2008
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  2. In other news, the PetitionOnline fight to save "Felicity" seems not to
    have borne any fruit...

    Derek Janssen (boy, remember when fans pretended to take PO seriously,
    back before the "Class action lawsuit" fanboy craze?)
    Derek Janssen, Jan 22, 2008
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  3. In the same old shit news, the DerekTard is still spewing the same old
    shit. Why is no one surprised?
    ChairmanOfTheBored, Jan 22, 2008
  4. High Def Ducks

    T.B. Guest

    "High Def Ducks" shilled:
    Is there a reason you changed your screen name from "Gravity" to "High Def
    Ducks" in the space of 5 minutes to post your useless HD-DVD junk?

    Face it bunky, you backed the wrong horse. Time to move on.

    T.B., Jan 22, 2008
  5. High Def Ducks

    Doug Jacobs Guest

    Same reason as for why he didn't just cross-post this - he's a clueless
    More than that, has there EVER been a situation where a petition from
    petitiononline has gotten any sort of attention from the targetted
    Doug Jacobs, Jan 22, 2008
  6. Hey, give Ablang a break--At least he's NOT posting gay Hilary
    Duff-obsessed cut-and-paster articles in our faces, for the first time
    in three years!
    (Granted, for obvious reasons, but...)
    The whole "PetitionOnline will save us!" craze started way, way, WAYYY
    back in the 90's (and stayed there), when Amazon and
    conducted *real* studio disk-title sales-petitions on their sites, and
    occasionally forwarded the results to the appropriate people.

    It seemed like the kind of thing some responsible webmaster should do as
    its own site, but someone forgot to tell PO that after you get all your
    lil' fanboy votes, THEN you actually send in to someone specific who
    would make the decision (like, not the Big CEO of the Whole Company)--
    No, you don't just sit around patiently and wait for them to find the
    site after you become really-famous-'n-stuff.

    Derek Janssen
    Derek Janssen, Jan 22, 2008
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