Sapphire radeon 8500le won't work with drivers

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by gonza, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. gonza

    gonza Guest

    the system doesn't show any information about it. i tried the catalyst
    driver 3.8 and the version from the sapphire site but neither of them
    works. also tried the omega drivers but same result. what's to be
    gonza, Oct 16, 2003
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  2. gonza

    DeMoN LaG Guest

    What do you mean by "neither of them works"? Like, they perform poorly,
    Windows tells you they aren't designed for your card, or they install but
    then the entire thing just stops working. More specific.

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    DeMoN LaG, Oct 16, 2003
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  3. gonza

    gonza Guest

    sorry. by not working i mean they don't install correctly. i install
    the driver, it asks me to reboot, i did that. but after reboot, the
    driver isn't installed at all.
    when i go to settings and adapter, it says unavailable for all
    gonza, Oct 16, 2003
  4. gonza

    gonza Guest

    btw, it says 'vgasave' when i go into properties, then driver.
    it only recognizes it as a radeon 8500 when i go to device manager.
    gonza, Oct 16, 2003
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