San Diego Snow...Self Portraits...and Naps

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Mark², Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    If you want to capture snow, you need low, angled light.
    I discovered that car headlights can offer surprisingly good lighting last

    San Diego is known for it's mild weather year-round...but even San Diego's
    local mountains can put on their own Winter display from time to time.

    Last night at 5:00PM, it was nearly dark, but I decided to just go alone.
    Nearing the mountains, the highway police were turning cars away unless they
    had a 4-wheel drive vehicle with chains and snow tires.which I they
    let me go. To make a long story short.if I had come ½ hour later, they
    wouldn't have let me go, because the roads became too dangerous. I ended up
    being one of only a few people up there at all, because they closed the road
    completely to others. I'm sure most of you in colder areas know how
    slippery ice-covered roads are.but one of the few OTHERS apparently did not
    know this, and lost control of their vehicle right in front of me and slid
    into a ditch where they became quite stuck. I ended up pulling them out
    with my vehicle. The funny thing was, only about one mile farther, I pulled
    ANOTHER person out of ANOTHER ditch after they got stuck also. -Sometimes
    it's good to have the right vehicle...and a brain (wonder what that's

    Anyway. While there, the snow stopped for a little while, and I spent some
    time just lying on the ground on my the middle of the snow.and
    staring up at the sky through the tree branches. It was just so peaceful
    and perfect there. Cold, but wonderful and perfect.

    So these are pictures that I took.

    The strange yellow in the tree picture was due to the mixture of two
    distinctly different light near a cabin.

    Snow Bed Nap-time:
    Mark² wakes up:
    And smiles:
    More car head-light lighting:
    Snow-Plow Ghost:
    San Diego Icicles!:
    Mark², Dec 19, 2006
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  2. Mark²

    Skip Guest

    Ah, yes, Sunrise Highway...
    The first one puts me in mind of Frank Zappa: "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow!"
    Nice shots, Mark!
    Skip, Dec 20, 2006
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