[Samsung YH-J70SB] USB disconnecting abruptly

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Troy Piggins, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Troy Piggins

    Troy Piggins Guest

    When trying to connect to my WinXP SP2 machine, the USB connection to my
    MP3 player disconnects itself after a while (that's what the screen on
    the YH-J70 says), but in the system tray the device still appears
    active. The USB device icon is still in the system tray, double-click
    and the window appears to stop device/unplug safely etc.

    I have read a forum where they say it was a problem with WinXP SP2 and
    the device, although they were specifically talking about another
    Samsung MP3 player (it was a Samsung based forum) I assumed it would be
    a similar problem with my one - it's a relatively new model. There was
    a link to a fix for the other model, although the link appeared to be
    broken when I tried.

    Is this a specific Samsung product problem, or WinXP SP2 problem? ie
    should I be searching Samsung for fixes or WinXP updates?

    Troy Piggins, Oct 5, 2005
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  2. Troy Piggins

    Troy Piggins Guest

    As a followup, spoke to tech support at Samsung Australia who suggested
    plugging the USB cable direct into the back of the PC. At present I
    have been plugging it into a USB hub (which works fine for all my other
    devices - camera etc). I hadn't thought that'd be a problem.
    Troy Piggins, Oct 7, 2005
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