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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Pat, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. "Authority isn't something that someone else has. It is something that you
    have freely, foolishly, and irresponsibly given away. All by your little

    I neither require nor need your nor anyone else's permission for anything.
    You ridiculously stupid fool.

    Have fun talking to yourself. I have better things to do than to entertain
    proven fools.
    Entertainment!, Aug 6, 2009
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  2. Pat

    PatM Guest

    He is a tremendously lonely and bored individual with nothing better
    to do with his time. It's actually pretty sad.
    PatM, Aug 6, 2009
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  3. Pat

    PatM Guest

    You score higher when you're wearing an aluminum foil hat to keep your
    brain waves from leaking out.
    PatM, Aug 6, 2009
  4. Pat

    PatM Guest

    Cool !!! You had a Yahoo account before Yahoo was created. You
    should have bought stock then.
    PatM, Aug 6, 2009
  5. Pat

    SMS Guest

    Moronic behavior will not persuade anyone to his cause. Alas, there
    seems to be at least one person like him in every Usenet newsgroup. He's
    like a toddler that tries to get attention by disrupting the
    conversations of adults.
    SMS, Aug 6, 2009
  6. Pat

    SMS Guest


    Did the author of this "WikiAnswer" learn English from the same school
    as our favorite troll?!

    I think Yahoo mail started in the mid-1990's, around when Hotmail
    started, so 20 years would not be possible, though 15 years might be. I
    got my Hotmail account the day they started service but there's so much
    spam and no way to filter it. Gmail does a really good job of spam
    filtering, plus the big advantage is that the support IMAP and POP3,
    which Yahoo doesn't (you can pay extra for a yahoo account and get it,
    but since it's free on Gmail why bother?).

    In any case, I V is not me. I use my real e-mail address (munged) for
    all my posts. I have no need to change my e-mail address with every
    post, or create sock-puppet imaginary friends to be the only posters
    that agree with me, like our favorite troll is fond of doing. He's not
    even too clever doing that, since those posts get caught by the same
    filter I use for him. Guess that an allegedly high IQ didn't make him
    terribly clever!
    SMS, Aug 6, 2009
  7. Pat

    Bob Larter Guest

    *Sure* it is.
    Bob Larter, Aug 7, 2009
  8. Pat

    Bob Larter Guest

    Bob Larter, Aug 7, 2009
  9. Pat

    Rich Guest

    You're not talking about the one that showed up in Omni magazine in
    1977 are you?
    Rich, Aug 7, 2009
  10. Pat

    Chris H Guest

    In message <
    That was my conclusion too
    Chris H, Aug 7, 2009
  11. Would I be correct in guessing that the question you wanted answered,
    and which so intrigued the high IQ testers that they kept inviting you
    to sit their tests, was why your stellar IQ was not reflected in any
    real world achievement?
    So you took these tests in supervised sessions along with many other
    test takers. Among the various high IQ societies Mensa has one of the
    lowest percentile entry bars, accepting as much as the top 2% of the
    population. So even if you only had the much lower IQ which Mensa
    membership requires there would have had to be a hundred or so people
    in that group test for there to be a fair chance of you not coming out
    top. Where very high IQs are concerned coming out top in a group
    session is irrelevant unless there were thousands in the group
    test. Unless of course the people taking the test had already been
    preselected for very high intelligence.

    Given that the standardisation of IQ tests in the high IQ ranges
    requires test populations of many thousands I'd therefore expect them
    to be uninterested in your comments unless you were already part of a
    very highly selected group. Of course I realise that all this will be
    well known to someone of your IQ with an interest in IQ tests. I
    explain it here for the benefit of your readers in the newsgroup, who
    might otherwise have been startled by the dismissive treatment by the
    testers of the critical comments of such an extremely clever person.
    Oh dear! I do hope your reported IQ of 175 isn't derived from
    self-testing with magazine IQ tests! That would offer us a simple
    explanation for the remarkable difference between your reported IQ and
    your achievements.
    One of the things which Mensa is rather good at is cataloguing the
    world's different standardised professional IQ tests and supplying
    conversion factors between their numbers. As I'm sure you know,
    different IQ tests reliably give different numbers, the most extreme
    differences being found in the very high IQ ranges which you're
    interested in. Hence the importance of the name of the test from which
    your number of 175 is derived. At stratospheric IQ levels like that it
    makes a big difference.
    Chris Malcolm, Aug 7, 2009
  12. Why do you wrongly presume it was not? I have many original discoveries to
    my name. A new model for a steady-state universe which easily accounts for
    why we can see further than the age of the universe itself, as well as
    explaining the cosmic fractal nature of the universe. Inclusive of the
    coalescing dendritic patterns of galactic clusters and their intervening
    bubbles of emptiness. I've also solved the origins of dark-matter and how
    it pops into existence (it's surprisingly as simple and eloquent as
    E=MC^2). There was no Big Bang, nor will there be a Gnab Gib. You only
    perceive the universe as expanding because you're only allowed to look out
    into space in one direction, downstream. Another fun one, important to
    species extinction caused by human light pollution, my discovery of the
    true reason that night-flying insects are drawn to lights. All textbooks on
    this subject being wrong for centuries. I could go on and on listing more
    of my original discoveries but I have no desire to waste my time explaining
    nor proving any of this to you.

    I'll leave you to mentally masturbate alone over any other interests or
    concerns that you may have reared in this thread.
    Entertainment!, Aug 7, 2009
  13. How they do so love to project.
    Entertainment!, Aug 7, 2009
  14. Pat

    Chris H Guest

    Then you will be able to provide links to those.
    Then just provide the links. If you have done half what you claim (and I
    know people who have done similar levels of work) you will have no
    problem showing some links to them. To do anything else will simply
    show you as a liar and a fake.

    I have only found it is charlatans and fakes who hid and make excuses.
    Chris H, Aug 7, 2009
  15. Pat

    PatM Guest

    You dude, if you really discovered all of that, you are the stupidest
    smart guy around. Now, everything that is discovered is patented. So
    if you discovered the real universe, you'd have patented it by now and
    have complete ownership of it. How cool would that be. Too bad you
    didn't think of THAT.
    PatM, Aug 7, 2009
  16. Pat

    PatM Guest

    You mean "CDO". It's just like OCD but all of the letters are in the
    right order.
    PatM, Aug 7, 2009
  17. Pat

    SMS Guest

    From the Secret CHDK Wiki...

    CHDK IQ Test

    The IQ Test function is only available on certain CHDK builds. It only
    works on cameras powered by a single cell Li-Ion battery with a nominal
    voltage of 3.7V. It cannot be used on AA powered cameras or on cameras
    using a two-cell Li-Ion battery (nominal voltage 7.4V). You must fully
    charge your battery prior to this test.


    1. Load CHDK onto your memory card
    2. Power-on the camera in CHDK mode
    3. Check that the battery voltage is at least 3.7V. Record this voltage.
    4. Set the shutter speed to 1/80,000th of a second
    5. Set the aperture to f/16.0
    6. Set the ISO to 3200
    7. Take a photo (RAW) of the Golden Gate Bridge from John Navas's
    sailboat exactly one mile away from the bridge, on the east side,
    exactly centered between the two towers.
    8. Set the shutter speed to 64 seconds
    9. Set the aperture to f/1.0
    10. Set the ISO to 12
    11. Take a photo (RAW) of the Golden Gate Bridge from John Navas's
    sailboat exactly one mile away from the bridge, on the east side,
    exactly centered between the two towers (the boat must not move during
    this long exposure)
    12. Check the battery voltage again. Record this voltage
    13. Calculate the difference in visible noise between the two
    photographs using the Gaussian noise analysis program.
    14. Multiply the difference in battery voltage between the two readings
    by the dB difference in noise, then multiply by 180, then add the
    natural log of the camera model number to the total. That's your IQ. Any
    CHDK user that gets a result of less than 180 is forbidden from using
    CHDK in the future.
    SMS, Aug 7, 2009
  18. Pat

    Bob Larter Guest

    Bob Larter, Aug 7, 2009
  19. Pat

    SMS Guest

    Our troll actually may have a high IQ. His lack of achievements, and his
    failure both economically and socially are because of other factors.
    This is not all that uncommon among (allegedly) high IQ individuals.
    They think that because they did well on an IQ test that the world
    should revolve around them, and when they find out that it doesn't they
    strike out at the world that doesn't respect them.

    Usenet is a good outlet for these people. Look at how our troll creates
    other identities and posts follow-ups to his own messages to give the
    appearance that there is actually someone else out there that agrees
    with him (I mean besides Navas).

    The one thing I feel bad about is that he's giving CHDK and Photoline a
    bad reputation. These are actually very good pieces of firmware/software
    that I think many digital photographers would find useful. Please don't
    let our troll's promotion of them drive you away from trying them.
    SMS, Aug 7, 2009
  20. Yes, I will be able to provide links for them.
    Correct. I will have no problems showing some links to them. Of course
    you'll need to have subscriptions to those services where you have to
    purchase just the abstracts of technical papers.
    Oh well. I'm a liar and a fake then. Boo hoo. So sad for me. I jump to no
    one's demands but my own. Especially not someone acting as blatantly like a
    desperate and manipulative troll as you are behaving. Your loss. Enjoy your
    ignorance. I'll try to not grovel too much in how much you have publicly
    "shamed" me. (LOL)
    Damn, but you sure are desperate for attention. Go troll someone else and
    see if you can manipulate them for your entertainment. Enjoy your mental
    masturbation from text on your monitor. See if you can do it on a
    photography related topic next time so your real motives are not so obvious
    to everyone.
    Entertainment!, Aug 7, 2009
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