SafeSquid: Content Filtering Internet Proxy - free 20 user edition released

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Proxy, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Proxy

    Proxy Guest

    SafeSquid: Content Filtering Internet Proxy, has released a full-
    featured FREE edition with no time limit that can comfortably be used
    in a 20 user network for 'Total Access Control' and 'Total Content
    Control' (may not be bundled within any S/W H/W appliances, without
    prior consent from OEIPL)

    SafeSquid is an anti virus and content filtering proxy server. It has
    many advanced features such as URL blacklists, bandwidth management,
    regular expression substitution on Website content and requested URLs,
    ICP and CARP support for inter operating with other proxy servers,
    configuration synchronization to ease management in a cluster, ICAP
    support for using third-party content adaptation software, image and
    link pre-fetching, HTTP and FTP content caching, PAM authentication,
    filters like Cookie Filter, MiMe filter, Header Filter and an
    intuitive Web interface for configuration.

    To download the free version, register on the SafeSquid Forum at and use your forum ID to download

    Feel free to use the forum for any technical assistance.
    Proxy, Jun 23, 2007
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  2. Proxy

    Tester Guest

    I hope this isn't as easy to misconfigure as Squid. At one point, the
    Ministry of Educatiobn of the Republic of (South) Korea had open squid
    proxies on port 8080 at nearly every school in the country thus
    enabling spammers from all over the world to easily hide their real

    As a result, one would get porn spam "from" an IP belonging to the
    South Inchon Girls' Elementary School and, presumably, money which
    should have been spent on books was, instead, going towards the
    business expenses of thieves.
    Tester, Jun 23, 2007
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