RV082 router problems finally discovered

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Lone Stranger, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. After many hours of screwing with this thing, I finally found the
    problem with performance and stability - I hope.

    The thing was unstable, hanging, rebooting, very slow throughput, and
    cold eggs. With TimeWarner and RoadRunner, I can get 360-370kB
    (k-bytes) without the router. But, with the router, I was only
    getting 160-180 (less than half).

    I upgraded the frimware to the latest (multiple times). We are now
    using the 1.1.5 level. Turned every knob I could, and finally
    discovered that the FIREWALL option made a difference. If I turned it
    off (and everythign with it), I could get nearly the same throughput
    as without the router. (had to save and reboot each time to test it).

    Finally, I reset and retried each and every option trying to find the
    missing link, And, finally discovered it.

    It seems that if MTU is set to AUTO (which, by the book, defaults to
    1500), the router speed is cut in half. However, if I set it to 1500
    manually, it magically worked at nearlt full speed.

    I'm now wondering if that's the same issue with the other BFRx41
    routers that I could never make stable......

    So,MTU "AUTO" and "MANUAL 1500" are "NOT THE SAME". Even though the
    manual and web doc say it is.

    I tested this repeatedly, and verified it each time.


    Lone Stranger, Jul 8, 2004
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