running PCI SATA and onboard-IDE

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Dalgibbard, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Dalgibbard

    Dalgibbard Guest

    hey ive got a Biostar M7NCD motherboard with 2 IDE channels as usual,
    with one 40GB drive (primary master) and one 80GB drive (primary
    slave), but i want to replace my primary drive with an SATA 160GB
    drive(the motherboard doesnt have SATA, i was looking at buying this- my questions;
    will this pci SATA card be any good? aparently it runs alongside the
    motherboard IDE quite happily, also, will it be able to boot from the
    SATA drive?
    I basically want the 160GB SATA drive to be running as the main boot
    disk, with the 80GB drive on the IDE primary master, and scrap the
    40GB drive.

    Finally, any suggestions as to what software to use to make a direct
    drive copy? moving ALL the data from the 40GB drive to the 160GB drive
    but with different size partitons- eg. 40GB's worth of data on a 40GB
    partition to 40GB's worth of data onto a 160GB partiton.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS. i also have one LiteOnIt CDRW drive, and one LG-DVDROM drive one
    secondary master and slave on the IDE respectively.
    Dalgibbard, Sep 20, 2004
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  2. Dalgibbard

    Ingeborg Guest

    (Dalgibbard) wrote in
    I don't think you will be able to boot from this disk. According to the
    photo there's no BIOS on the SATA card, and your motherboard will not
    recognize it.
    Ingeborg, Sep 20, 2004
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  3. Dalgibbard

    Dalgibbard Guest

    Dalgibbard, Sep 20, 2004
  4. Dalgibbard

    OldKenGoat Guest

    I just recently did what you're proposing to do. Although I have a P4 board,
    I see no reason why your Biostar M7NCD mb can't use the SATA card. The SATA
    controller card you're buying has the Silicon Image chip and is very similar
    to the card I bought. It has the driver you'll need to get XP to recognize
    the board. Follow those directions exactly. I used Drive Image Pro to
    transfer the image from my old C:\ drive to the new SATA drive without a
    hitch. You can then use Partion Magic to size the boot partition.

    Good luck,

    OldKenGoat, Sep 20, 2004
  5. Dalgibbard

    Karim Guest

    I will tell you about my setup and maybe you can get some pointers.
    I have 4 IDE drives on my system and therefore I filled up my IDE slots and
    drives and wanted to add more hard drives.

    I went ahead and bought a Maxtor Sata PCI card and a Maxtor 250G Sata
    drive. I went through hoops to get my XP see the Sata Drive. I don't
    remember what I did exactly but I installed a second XP on the Sata drive
    and did some tweaks on the boot drive. The new install added something to
    the boot drive. Now I have two XPs on the same machine with multiple boot
    capability. After the second install the first XP was able to see the SATA

    The new SATA drive is very fast and therefore I decided to use it as my
    primary OS. You really do not need to have the SATA as your boot drive.
    Just leave your original IDE drive point the OS to teh SATA and the OS will
    boot from the SATA. I still needed the original as is because I have
    software installed it that I use. I am reinstalling software that I use on
    the second XP OS and start fresh. My registry and system on the original XP
    is bloated from the installs and uninstalls over the years.

    To move just data, why not use file explorer and copy between the hard
    drives. I use software from Acronis for imaging and partitioning.
    I decided to leave the system as is and added the SATA drive and let the
    boot partition go to it. Making the Sata a boot drive was going to mess my
    system if not making it totally useless.

    Karim, Sep 20, 2004
  6. Dalgibbard

    Dalgibbard Guest

    I will tell you about my setup and maybe you can get some pointers.
    I see what your saying, but i really want to scrap my old 40GB drive which
    im using as my primary master atm, and use the faster SATA as a replacement
    with my other 80GB drive (currently on primary slave) as a storage drive-
    how easy is it to get my computer to boot from the SATA drive without having
    to have windows on an IDE drive? and how do i do it?

    Thanks all for the help so far :) really appreciate it
    Dalgibbard, Sep 20, 2004
  7. Dalgibbard

    Karim Guest

    I am not sure. I would contact support at the company that made the PCI
    card and tell them you want to boot from the card and see what they say.
    They should be able to help. They might tell you your motherboard needs
    such and such to support booting from the card, then you will need to find
    out if it does. You might need to contact the MB company too. That's the
    route I would take.

    As as start, I would change the BIOS setting to NOT boot from any IDE. Your
    MB might accept your card as a scsi card so you might try that. Some newer
    MBs can detect your card and have it as a boot option in the BIOS.

    Note that you might need to try all your PCI slots to get it to work

    Karim, Sep 21, 2004
  8. Dalgibbard

    Ingeborg Guest

    Well, maybe. I expected a bios at the right side, away of the connectors at
    the left side of the card. Stupid, of course, there are no connectors at
    the left side, only on top.
    Ingeborg, Sep 21, 2004
  9. Dalgibbard

    why? Guest

    why?, Sep 21, 2004
  10. Dalgibbard

    Dalgibbard Guest

    Quick summary- ive been told by both Q-Tec (the people that make the SATA
    card) and Biostar (my motherboard manufacturers) that yes i can boot from it
    and that the card will be displayed as a SCSI device on boot- so all i have
    to do is change my boot sequence to have the SCSI option first :D

    Thanks for your help
    Dalgibbard, Sep 22, 2004
  11. Dalgibbard

    why? Guest

    Always the best way to check.
    Need to try that one day with my Adaptec card, I had never set the boot
    sequence to SCSI for what is a (sort of a) non-SCSI device. It would be
    interesting to see the difference booting from a SATA 160GB array
    instead of the tiny IDE ATA 33 drive at present.

    why?, Sep 23, 2004
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