Running A Game Under XP Problem

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Robert11, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Robert11

    Robert11 Guest


    Had to replace the HD in my son's PC, which runs XP.

    When I replaced his HD, I (believe) I also installed the latest version of

    Apparently, he now cannot play any of his EA (Electronic Arts) games
    They worked fine with the original HD (also XP based)

    I live a fair distance away, so it makes it kind of difficult to diagnose
    these sorts of problems on his; would be
    most appreciative for any help that we can try via phone with him to
    resolve this.

    The game in question is MLB (I think 2003 vers.)

    Also, I run W98 on my PC, and really don't know too much about XP.

    For information, one answer/suggestion I received was:

    " The problem is the installer. EA apparently used InstallShield to
    the installer (typical) and coded the installer to fail if a
    version of DirectX (both Windows 2000 and XP are unicode-based) is
    You may have to use *Compatibility Mode* for the install, selecting
    Windows ME
    as your emulation target). Surprisingly, NFS: High Stakes (which,
    all recent EA games for the PC, uses Direct3D, not OpenGL) does *not*
    this problem. "

    My questions are:

    a. Since it ran before under XP, is it likely there was an older Direct X
    installed ?
    If so, any way of (just) having this game use an older DirectX version
    **How ?

    b. How does one get into this Compatibility Mode to change things,
    such as the emulation mode mentioned above ?

    **Is it done during the initial install of the game program, or just
    when one is about
    to play the game ? Details would really be appreciated, as I know
    nothing about doing

    (The game has 2 CD disks: you start it with one, and then it
    immediately asks you to insert
    the second. So, I guess, but don't really know, that there probably
    isn't too much of the
    game program truly resident on the HD)

    c. I know on y W98 PC there is a "RUN" box available. I seem to remember
    that this allows
    you to run DOS based programs directly.

    Anything to try here to get the game to run ?
    If so, what would I type: the name of the .exe for the program ?

    Any other thoughts would be most appreciated.

    Much thanks,
    Robert11, Aug 21, 2003
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  2. Robert11

    Ed Malphrus Guest

    I had the strange idea of going directly to the source (Electronic Arts).
    I'll give you the "play by play" version and then the "Tiny URL" to get

    Go to
    Click "Help" at the top right
    Click "Technical Support" at the top of the right column
    In the drop-down menus...
    Platform: PC
    Product: MVP Baseball (didn't see a "MLB" listed)
    All Sub-Products: MVP Baseball 2003
    Category: Technical Support
    All Sub-Categories: Installation/Download

    Click the Search button on the right

    You'll end up on this page:

    Hopefully one of those four answers will help.

    Good luck.
    Ed Malphrus, Aug 21, 2003
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