Routing between two different internal public IP networks on the same router

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by apostolis, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Jul 11, 2007
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    Hi to all cisco gurus out there!
    I 'm trying to configure the 1605R router with my companys public IPS that belong to two different networks. Here is the situation:
    One subnet 193.X.X.112/28 with servers connecting to a switch.
    Another subnet on different network 83.X.X.0/28 with workstations connected to another switch.
    The only common device between these networks is the 1605R that eth0 interface is connected to the first switch and eth1 interface is connected to the second switch.

    First step is trying to gain communication between these networks without having them connected to the Internet
    Here is the simple configuration I tried without success:
    version 12.0
    service timestamps debug uptime
    service timestamps log uptime
    service password-encryption
    hostname Aqua
    username X password 7 XXXXXXXXXX
    ip subnet-zero
    no ip source-route
    no ip finger
    no ip domain-lookup
    ip name-server 193.X.X.1
    interface Ethernet0
    description *** X.GR FORTHNET ETHERNET ***
    ip address 193.X.X.126
    no ip directed-broadcast
    no ip proxy-arp
    interface Ethernet1
    description *** X.GR OTENET ETHERNET ***
    ip address 83.X.X.1
    no ip directed-broadcast
    no ip proxy-arp
    interface Serial0
    description ISP
    ip address 212.X.X.134
    no ip directed-broadcast
    no ip proxy-arp
    encapsulation ppp
    no fair-queue
    ip classless
    line con 0
    exec-timeout 120 0
    transport input none
    line vty 0 4
    exec-timeout 0 0
    login local

    The 83.X.X.0/28 subnet cannot communicate internally with 193.X.X.112/28 subnet using 83.X.X.1 gateway IP and vice-versa

    Second step (if the above finnaly works), and more complex I imagine, is to have the 193.X.X.112/28 subnet (servers) go out to the Intenet via the Serial0 interface of the leased line, and the 83.X.X.0/28 subnet (workstations) go out to the Intenet via the 83.X.X.14 gateway IP of the ADSL modem/router.

    apostolis, Jul 11, 2007
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