Routers as opposed to ATAs

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Andrew Hodgson, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Andrew Hodgson

    Ivor Jones Guest

    A couple of people I know on cable have the Netgear TA612V and they tell
    me it works well. Its only problem is that the ones from Sipgate are
    locked to them, but I'm told it's possible to unlock them.

    Ivor Jones, Aug 21, 2005
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  2. Andrew Hodgson

    Al Guest

    Does the TA612V combine adsl modem and router? If so, how do you
    configure the router part so as to use an external cable modem? If I
    knew the answer to that, I'd happily buy products that combine adsl
    modem + router and still connect them via cable modem.
    Al, Aug 21, 2005
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  3. Andrew Hodgson

    Me Guest

    To be honest, I have not even gone into the CLI on this router! I have
    done all that I need via the web interface.

    Me, Aug 21, 2005
  4. Andrew Hodgson

    Dusty Guest


    Usenet Zone Free Binaries Usenet Server
    More than 140,000 groups
    Unlimited download to open account
    Dusty, Aug 21, 2005
  5. Andrew Hodgson

    Dexter Guest

    Takes on to know one mate .
    Dexter, Aug 21, 2005
  6. Andrew Hodgson

    Pc8765 Guest

    who is that aimed at
    Pc8765, Aug 21, 2005
  7. Andrew Hodgson

    Dexter Guest

    Not you .
    Dexter, Aug 21, 2005
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