Router2Pix tunnel and VPN Client at the same time

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by jdk, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. jdk

    jdk Guest


    I have set up a tunnel between my router at home, and a PIX 515 at
    work, and have several thin clients (Wyse) connect to a terminal server
    at work. This all works fine. Now I use my laptop, also from home, and
    a Cisco VPN client to connect to another PIX (customer), and that also
    works fine, but after I have connected using the VPN client, the tunnel
    to work don't work any more. The tunnel is not down (still connected at
    both ends) but the thin clients can't get any traffic through. Manually
    taking the tunnel down and creating it again does not help, the only
    way is to reset the router.
    I thought that when IPSEC Pass Through was enabled on the router the
    VPN Client just passed through that, and didn't conflict with the
    Router2Pix tunnel, but I guess I'm wrong.
    I have tried with different VPN routers (D-link, Linksys, etc.) but
    they all have the same problem.

    Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated.
    Jorgen D.
    jdk, Jun 8, 2006
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