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Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by abspc, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. abspc

    abspc Guest

    I am looking for a home broadband router that will do web based and
    usenet filtering parental control. I want it to filter/block adult
    content from usenet newsgroups and web sites, block p2p apps and those
    web sites and protocols. Does anyone have any ideas? I currently have
    the Belkin 802.11g wireless with built in parental control filtering and
    it uses Cerberian for web based filtering, works good,
    but there's no usenet nor p2p stuff at all. So I'm looking for something
    that can do all of this also with the ability not to reset the filter or
    password just by resetting the router which is way to easy to bypass. It
    would have to be using a parental control filtering company, not where
    you enter in urls and set it up to block ports, that won't work good.

    For web sites, it would need to block also based on user input keywords,
    not only a list of categories. For usenet newsgroups it would need to
    block the groups by name not only by port 119. I need it to filter adult
    newsgroups by name such as erotica, xxx etc, and have the ability to
    specifically tell it what newsgroup to block, or use a keyword such as
    pictures, xxx, erotica and so on. It should be able to block based on
    that, not just port number as you can with some nsps change the port
    from 119 to say port 80, 25, 8000, 9000, etc, so the router would still
    need to block/filter newsgroups if I changed the port number for usenet.

    I've looked at Zyxel, belkin, linksys, netgear, SMC, cybergaurd,
    snapgear, none of them have anything like this.

    Take care
    abspc, Jan 16, 2005
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