Router setting prevents visibility in Network Browser?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Matt Senecal, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Matt Senecal

    Matt Senecal Guest

    Cisco gurus,

    Is there a router setting that will prevent systems from being visible
    in the Windows 2000 Network Browser?

    We've got a couple of server clusters that reside on different
    subnets, with a couple of 3600 routers (IOS 12.0) and Catalyst 2900 XL
    switches between them. From one subnet the servers on the other subnet
    are not visible in Network Browser. However, connectivity is not a
    problem. The clusters can interact with each other, and if you do a
    system search for one of the "invisible" servers, Network Browser will
    find it. From one subnet you can map to servers on the other subnet
    without any difficulty.

    For customer service reasons, we'd like for all the servers to be
    visible in the Net Browser. We've checked system settings until we're
    cross-eyed, and everything seems to be OK. We've flushed the NetBIOS
    tables, ensured system visibility (net config server /hidden:no), and
    done everything else we can think of, up to and including a voodoo
    dance around the rack, but nothing has worked. The only other thing we
    can think of is that it's a router setting.

    Is there a setting that would prevent servers on one side of a 3600
    from being visible to systems on the other side? If so, how do we
    change it? My experience with routers is limited right now. I can
    configure basic settings, but that's about it. Any help would be
    greatly appreciated!
    Matt Senecal, Nov 12, 2003
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  2. Matt Senecal

    John Smith Guest

    Are you using DNS AND WINS on your network?
    John Smith, Nov 12, 2003
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  3. Matt Senecal

    Matt Senecal Guest

    Yes, our systems are configured to use both.
    Matt Senecal, Nov 12, 2003
  4. Matt Senecal

    shope Guest

    Subnet broadcasts will not cross the router.

    This kind of variable visibility is a classic symptom of problems with the
    name service.

    Unless you have a really big network you should have all your systems set up
    to use WINS on a central server.

    Set them to prefer the WINS name resolution method, and point them at the
    same primary and secondary WINS servers by IP address so you need minimal
    WINS replication.
    No - thats the default behaviour.

    There are several ways to resolve NetBIOS names in a Windows / IP system,
    but the default settings seem to be for a single subnet. I think the
    assumption is that anyone who uses routers knows enough to change the
    defaults :)

    If so, how do we
    Sort out WINS, then worry about the routers.
    shope, Nov 12, 2003
  5. Matt Senecal

    John Smith Guest

    That's good, that's typically the issue with browsing. If you can PING each
    other and aren't using filters on your routers, this question isn't probably
    Cisco centric.

    This is a Microsoft networking issue IMO, so WINS, DNS, AD and DHCP could all be

    So when you check DNS with NSLOOKUP you find the servers you are trying to
    When you NBTSTAT -a or check WINS are the servers are listed?
    All the PCs that can't browse, do they have WINS defined correctly?
    What HNode settings are you using in DHCP?
    Do you define a common domain name extension when dishing out DHCP addresses?
    Are they all members of the same domain or workgroup?
    John Smith, Nov 12, 2003
  6. Matt Senecal

    Matt Senecal Guest

    Thanks, everyone!
    Matt Senecal, Nov 13, 2003
  7. Matt Senecal

    John Smith Guest

    What fixed it?
    John Smith, Nov 13, 2003
  8. Matt Senecal

    Matt Senecal Guest

    Nothing, yet, but I've been given some good guidance.

    WINS seems to be configured correctly, but the router is blocking all
    NetBIOS updates.

    The routers in question aren't under my direct control :( , so I'm
    waiting for the the guy who can help me to give me a call back. I've
    tested ip forwarding on one of my local routers, and it seems to solve
    the problem, so I've got hopes that will do the trick.
    Matt Senecal, Nov 14, 2003
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