router recognizes printer / printer does not recognixe router

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name: U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Router (USR5461)
    Firmware: (Jan 5 2006)
    Boot loader: CFE
    Printer status: Not Ready
    Printer location:

    I connected a router. My internet works great and the status page 'sees' the
    printer but the printer status does not get the connection.

    When I try to set up the printer in control panel - add a printer on the
    internet - and past the url: I
    get an error message - 'Windows cannot connect to the printer. The orinter
    name was entered incorrectly or.........

    Any ideas? I find it hard to believe that the printer simply cannot be used
    with the router.

    The printer is an epson cx3810. USRobotics says that all in 1 units will not
    Is there a way to fix this. It seems that I
    Guest, Aug 3, 2006
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  2. Guest

    Lem Guest

    Well, if USR says all-in-1 units won't work, and the Epson cx3810 is an
    all-in-1 unit, then it probably won't work. If you're lucky, you might
    get the printer to work, but almost certainly not the scanner interface.

    Still, you don't seem to have even got to the point of finding out that
    the printer won't work. Here are a few things to try before giving up:

    · Was the printer connected to the router's print server port and
    powered on before you checked the "Status" page?
    · Did you copy and paste the URL?
    · Do you have another USB cable to try?
    · If no other USB cable, have you tried installing the printer as a
    local printer to confirm that (a) the cable and (b) the printer itself
    are functional?
    · Do you have another printer to try -- just to see if you can get the
    router/print server connection working?
    Lem, Aug 4, 2006
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