Router and computer - Limited or No Connectivity.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tmuldoon, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Tmuldoon

    Tmuldoon Guest


    I am being driven mad by this issue.

    I have two computers using a Router (Linksys Wireless G router). One
    computer has No Problems. Everything used to be fine.

    The other - does not work with the router any more. There is a
    limited or no connectivity warning.

    1) ipconfig shows an ip of - release and renew always
    fails - it says it cannot find the DHCP server
    2) In safe mode (with networking) - it works fine with the router -
    the internet is there!
    3) A direct connection - the computer works fine.

    I have tried resetting the router, assigning a static IP. The non
    working computer has the latest patches of Windows XP.

    Any suggestions on how to find out where the issue is?



    Tmuldoon, Dec 11, 2007
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  2. Tmuldoon

    richard Guest

    Do you have both machines and router set to the same IP?
    They should be different. The network name needs to be the same.
    richard, Dec 11, 2007
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  3. Tmuldoon

    why? Guest

    Wot no model?
    Working PC connected to the router how, assume wireless.
    Still on wireless, check the signal strength, SSID and all the rest of

    1 of the more annoying new messages in the last few versions of Win.
    You tried a repair connection?
    By that you mean non wireless and using a cable? Or direct not via the
    Linksys but connected to the ISP device.

    Direct via cable or wireless is still direct if there isn't another
    device in the way.
    Static IP on the router, don't need usually need that. If you mean
    static on the PC then you got the correct subnet mask, gateway etc.?

    When setting the PC back to DHCP you cleared out any manual settings you
    may have left behind?

    Have you checked the

    limited or no connectivity warning windows xp

    Results 1 - 10 of about 35,200 English pages for
    limited or no connectivity warning windows xp
    .. (0.22 seconds)

    Results 1 - 10 of about 33,100 English pages for
    limited or no connectivity warning windows xp linksys
    .. (0.28 seconds)

    The last search 2nd hit,
    The bit at the top mentions linksys, like you.

    Several posts say similar things, reset router while PCs connected, user
    static IP, select an IP outside the router range, if it's DHCP is to 0.200 use 201 for the PC.

    Remive NIC, try another.

    Remove NIC drivers, Remove NIC. Re-add NIC and maybe updated drivers if

    Will also find this if you looked

    why?, Dec 11, 2007
  4. Tmuldoon

    Tmuldoon Guest


    IPs are different and
    Tmuldoon, Dec 13, 2007
  5. Tmuldoon

    Tmuldoon Guest

    Hi thanks for the info- really appreciate it. Going to start crying
    It is a wired network, not wireless - sorry for not being more

    The router is a WRT54G

    It works in Safe mode - with both PCs connected to the router. But
    not in regular mode. Again this is a wired connection.
    A Direct connection work - again wired directly from the PC to the DSL

    I set the defaults like gateway and subnet mask as the same as the PC
    that does work with the router.

    Did not try an IP outside the router range.
    Did uninstall and reinstall NIC drivers. (It seems like the NIC must
    work if it handles a direct connection and safe mode connection then
    again - who knows)

    The original (and still the same problem) went like this:



    I have a Linksys Wireless G router and 2 XP computers that were
    working fine.

    I am using it wired - no wireless being used.

    Now one get an error that is there is low network connectivity and
    cannot connect to anything.

    The other computer - fine. So X - no connection, Y - connected

    I tried swapping cables - same situation (different ends, new cable,
    the one from Y) - X no network, Y is fine. Switched router ports -
    same situation X-no, Y - yes

    Plugged in modem directly into X - works FINE.

    I did check the security center in the control panels - in both cases
    the fire wall is on, but the windows firewall is off. I cannot
    disable the firewall from X - it must be the router firewall (I tried
    removing any filtering from the router - same issue). Again, Y works

    Only when going through the router does this cause a problem.

    Direct connection is fine.

    To top it off, when computer X is booted up in safe mode and going
    through the router - it is fine. An IP address is taken. In regular
    mode the computer boots up and shows an IP address of 169.254.x.x. I
    tried power cycling the mode, router, both, reboots - same issue
    169.254.x.x. I tried hard coding the IP address to the one found on
    the router and in the range of the router - no dice.

    Why can't I get an IP address from DHCP?

    Computer X does not Norton Antivirus on it - I disabled it in regular
    mode - same problem. I do not want to uninstall it.

    I read about a Service Pack 2 problem with XP - but the problem does
    not appear in Safe Mode with Networking and I did try the fixes my MS
    about it - to no avail. The underlying issue is that computer X
    cannot get an IP address from the router.

    Computer X work when:
    - there is a direct connection from the modem (DSL) to the computer
    in regular mode
    - booted up in Safe Mode and attached to the router - can ping it,
    surf the net

    Computer Y is fine with the Router.

    Suggestions on how to proceed?



    Tmuldoon, Dec 13, 2007
  6. Tmuldoon

    why? Guest

    How odd, never had issues requiring safemode beyond the off incorrect
    refresh rate for video.

    Some driver then, that makes the network, tcp/ip connection fail.
    That's fine as long as all PCs have the same gateway , subnet mask (as
    the router hands out via DHCP, also same DNS servers / domain name).
    Only the IPs have to be different :)
    If you are changing from DHCP (say the router is to 0.200)
    you can have PCs at 0.201 0.202 with the correct gw/mask.
    NIC properties, look at the card oprions and check speed / duplex
    settings, should be auto, IIRC some older 3Com NICs have hardware
    default and auto is a pain to get working.
    X and Y?
    What is X-no, Y - yes?

    Router port 1 PC1 works
    Router port 2 PC2 not work

    Router port 1 PC2 not work
    Router port 2 PC1 works.
    DSL port PC2 works.
    Which firewall is on? Ok Win Fw off.
    New router?
    It's not just DHCP then is static doesn't work.
    Or working with a static.
    IIRC you can't turn it off fully, it's better not to even uninstall but
    *never* put in on.
    So it's not even a Winsock fix.
    why?, Dec 13, 2007
  7. Tmuldoon

    Tmuldoon Guest

    Any idea how I could step through MSConfig to troubleshoot what is

    If it works in SafeMode - it seems the NIC drivers are fine, so is the
    router (it gets an ip assigned to it). It can release and renew.

    In normal mode - it always gives the limited or no connectivity error,
    release and renew fails - an ip of 169.254.x.x show s up.

    A static ip - did not work either. Oddly, I did set a static IP
    within the range and suddenly it said I had full connectivity - upon
    trying to browse nothing showed up.

    Hoping MSConfig will let me disable the right item that might be
    causing me grief...I suspect Norton Antivirus. There is no firewall,
    but who know what else got installed on this computer.

    What are the bare services need to run windowx xp?

    Thanks again for your patience and time!

    Tmuldoon, Dec 19, 2007
  8. Tmuldoon

    why? Guest

    Disable anything you really don't see as required.
    Not browsing? Always remember to try a 2nd browser , ftp, mail, usenet.
    Also try autoruns
    Worth having a FW.
    Often mentioned XP sites,
    with a bit on services,
    Can you wait while I look in
    for the other xp links about services?

    found it,
    from a meerkat post, not so long ago Nov 17

    why?, Dec 20, 2007
  9. Tmuldoon

    Tmuldoon Guest

    It is now...the problem - the router!! For some reason the linksys
    WRT54G stopped working with ONE computer -how does that make any

    I switched all cables....all ports...AND it worked in SAFEMODE on the
    computer (but it would not work in Normal mode)...

    I take nothing forgranted.

    Thanks so much to all of you!!!!

    Tmuldoon, Dec 30, 2007
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