Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Goro, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Goro

    Goro Guest

    So it's "only Germany" right now, but oh gwad. who knows wtf this
    rootkit-like self-hiding process does. Hopefully more light will be
    shed on this and we'll know if having autoplay turned off is enough to
    keep this crap off a person's computer,


    Heise Online is reporting about yet another example of the ever-warming
    relationship of copy protection and rootkit technologies. The affair
    started with the digital rights management system Sony BMG was using to
    protect audio CD's. Now, we can also confirm (thanks to RĂ¼diger from
    our German office!) that at least the German DVD release of the movie
    "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" contains a copy protection mechanism which uses
    rootkit-like cloaking technology . The Settec Alpha-DISC copy
    protection system used on the DVD contains user-mode rootkit-like
    features to hide itself. The system will hide it's own process, but
    does not appear to hide any files or registry entries. This makes the
    feature a bit less dangerous, as anti-virus products will still be able
    to scan all files on the disk. However, as we note in our article on
    rootkits, it's not that uncommon for real malware to only hide their

    Good grief! Just when I thought the entertainment industry couldn't
    possibly do anything more to piss off their customers (I should really
    learn by now, shouldn't I?), the German Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVD release
    contains copyright protection that installs itself at a low level,
    similar to a rootkit (the distinctions are a bit blurry at the moment).
    This is insane - the people buying the DVD are very likely not the ones
    ripping it and uploading it. Most people that are willing to pay for a
    movie are not the types to rip one and share it with the world. I'm
    already holding my breath in fear every time I put a new CD in my PC,
    now I have to do the same thing with my DVDs? Not cool.
    Goro, Feb 16, 2006
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  2. Goro

    unclejr Guest

    IAWTP. The CD part is easy to avoid as I don't buy SONY CDs, anyway.
    However, it's virtually unpossible to not buy a SONY DVD, since they
    now they own the rights to seemingly every film these days.

    SONY ARccOS doesn't bother me as it doesn't infiltrate and cripple my
    PC like a rootkit would.

    unclejr, Feb 16, 2006
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  3. Goro

    Goro Guest

    There's a surprising lack of info on this right now. Exactly how does
    it install? Is it a stealth install or does it do the SUnComm thing
    where it shows a EULA (and installs regardless of you selecting AGREE
    or DISAGREE)? What processes are installed and how do they run? Is it
    possible for a virus to leverage this stealthing process? (prolly just
    a matter of time). What exactly does the process do? Is there a
    "phone home" like Sony's? Does it collect data? Does it scan the

    Anything that does an unwanted install is bad, very bad. And the full
    ramifications should come out soon. And now, the Blame game gets to
    start, too. Who distributes MR AND MRS SMITH in Germany? It was FOX
    in the US; is it FOX in Germany? So are there indications that other
    FOX titles are rootkitted?


    All the more reason to not buy DVDs. Good job, guys!

    Goro, Feb 16, 2006
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