Romulan Phrases

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Guest, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Advise me (answer a query) ------ Auethn
    Announce the presemce/the arrival ------ oal'lhlih
    Attend me! ----- Vaed'rae!
    Attention! - ----Vaed'rae!
    Be Welcome ----- Aefvadh
    Best wishes ---- Jolan tru
    Can you hear?!? (sarcastic)---- - H'hafiv'au-d?
    Can you see?!? (sarcastic) ----- H nafirh'au-d?
    Come back here!---- - h'ta-fvau (Literal translation: To last place,
    Die Dog! ----- yy'a Favi!
    Do you know me? ----- I'au'd fiv?
    Do you know that Fed? - -----Lloann'na'au-d fiv?
    Do you understand? ----- Ssuej-d'fiv? (sup-inf)
    Energize!---- - Hna'h!
    Fire! - ----Hna'h!
    Fire disruptors! ----- ie'yyak-hnah!
    Go to... ------ urru
    Go to Hell ------- Areinnye'n-hnah!
    Good day/night ------ Jolan tru
    Hear me! ------ Vaed'rae!
    I am hungry ----- Dinglha'mi'kn'
    I am lonely ----- Her'u'mi lu'v
    I am thirsty ----- Jhme' mi pa'rshed
    I'll kill you! ----- yy'Ah-au!
    I'm on (going to) the bridge ----- Oira'd'a
    I need help ----- Hna'mi kh'a
    I need my bondmate - Hna'mi Hru'fir
    Indeed ----- Rha
    I request (an action) be done at once. ----- sthea'hwill (sup-inf courteous
    Is that so? ----- Rha?
    I want you dead! ----- yy'Ah-au!
    Klingon dogs are not welcome here! ----- Kll'inghann'na faviin aefvadh fadh!
    Let me/us see it ------ Hnafirh'rau
    Look here! ----- ta-Krenn!
    Madam ----- Lhhei
    Oh yes! ---- au'e!
    Report to me now! - Hallh'na!
    Screen off! - ta'Khoi! (sup-inf)
    Screen on! - ta'Rhae! (sup-inf)
    Sir - Rekkhai
    Thank you - Hann'yyo
    That's just enough (barely adequate) - llilla'hu
    That will do (barely) - llilla'hu
    Understood! - Ssuaj-ha! (inf-sup)
    What rank? - Vah-udt?
    Who are you (to be asking/doing this)? -------- Vah-udt?
    You are a lush!------- - Au-kneu'ginye!
    You are an idiot! ------- Au'schm'e'kle!
    You are promiscuous! ------- Au'amton'wi-kha!
    You are ugly!------ - Au aeh k'nvuk!
    You are unfaithful! ------- Au-vagram-hrufir!
    You look like a Klingon! ------ Au-'le kll'inghann!
    You're mother is a dog! ------- Au nan'ha-favi!
    You stole from me! ------- Au'shlo'ck mei n're!
    You worm! ------ y'Kllhe!
    Guest, Sep 28, 2006
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    BD [MCNGP] Guest

    As much as I like Star Trek, I think we may have our next LotM.
    BD [MCNGP], Sep 28, 2006
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    Jtyc Guest

    Jtyc, Sep 28, 2006
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    CBIC Guest

    CBIC, Sep 29, 2006
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    Consultant Guest

    naDevvo' yIghoS
    Consultant, Oct 2, 2006
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