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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by mark herring, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. mark herring

    mark herring Guest

    Looking for information on "consumer-level" roll paper---eg 8" wide, 13"
    wide, etc. ---for archival ink-jet printing.

    For example, Epson sells many of their pro papers only in rolls 24" and
    larger. Many types of archival media seem to be not available in rolls at

    Current specific need is printing panoramas in the range of 6-10" tall, and
    20-40" wide
    Mark Herring
    Pasadena, CA, USA
    private e-mail: just say no to "No"

    mark herring, Dec 1, 2003
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  2. mark herring

    Bob Hatch Guest

    You can always buy the larger rolls and cut them with a good radial arm or
    chop saw. The place I buy most of my paper from does this for me from time
    to time when I need a roll of 24" and all they have is 44". So you could buy
    a roll of 20" and cut it into 2 10" wide rolls.
    Bob Hatch, Dec 1, 2003
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  3. mark herring

    mark herring Guest

    Sounds logical, but.........Radial arm???? How would you get a clean cut?

    Who is your supplier? Mail order?

    Mark Herring
    Pasadena, CA, USA
    private e-mail: just say no to "No"

    mark herring, Dec 1, 2003
  4. mark herring

    Bob Hatch Guest

    I buy most all my stuff from Pro Photo Supply in Portland, OR. I'm sure they
    would mail out to you but I don't see why you couldn't find a place locally
    that could do the cut.

    Radial Arm, I don't see why not. You'd have to make sure you had one of the
    larger radial arms so you could cut the roll in one pass. You would need to
    put a bigger fence across the table to hold the roll stable, and get one
    other person to help hold the roll tight against the fence, and use a fine
    tooth plywood blade, but it should be an easy cut.
    Bob Hatch, Dec 1, 2003
  5. mark herring

    Jim Waggener Guest

    How is that RV holding up Bob..
    Jim Waggener, Dec 1, 2003
  6. mark herring

    Tom Monego Guest

    Epson is coming out with more roll paper with the Stylus 4000, which has just
    been released. A lot of pro printers don't like roll paper because of the
    exteme curl you get at the end of a roll. Most high end paper suppliers will
    be carrying narrow rolls and large packs of paper. Check under the
    Epson 4000 for paper supplies.

    Tom Monego, Dec 1, 2003
  7. mark herring

    Bob Hatch Guest

    Doing good. We just ordered a new Glider Chair to replace the recliner. Mary
    hated the recliner. (RV furniture is expensive as heck.) I installed an air
    compressor in one of the storage bays and bought enough air hose to reach
    all the tires. We're straightening things out and getting ready to head to
    AZ for the month of January.

    Can't remember, do you have one, or want one?
    Bob Hatch, Dec 1, 2003
  8. mark herring

    Jim Waggener Guest

    why would anyone buy a 4000 when you can get a 7600 for a couple hundred
    Jim Waggener, Dec 1, 2003
  9. mark herring

    Flycaster Guest

    One difference off the top of my head is the 4000 holds both the photo and
    matte black inks, requiring no purge when changing papers. The 7600 burns a
    *lot* of ink with each and every purge, and (IIRC) the change-over costs add
    up pretty quickly.
    Flycaster, Dec 1, 2003
  10. mark herring

    Tom Monego Guest

    It is $1100 more, there are very few discounts, If you don't want the very
    large printing capabilities, over 16x20, and the 7600 has less convenient paper
    handling. The 4000 is more of a desktop on steroids while the 7600 is a large
    format printer. Now if I had a 4000 and wanted a LF printer I wouldn't go with
    the 7600, I'd get the 9600 and now Epson has sold 2 printers.

    Tom Monego, Dec 2, 2003
  11. mark herring

    Argon3 Guest

    I'd have to agree with those who point out that curling is a factor. I've used
    the Epson 4" rolls and it takes FOREVER to get the prints to flatten out...I
    could only imagine that 8" paper would behave about the same. You might be
    better off with a stack of single sheets.
    There's a new commercially available Noritsu machine that does inkjet prints on
    12" wide paper and I think that the printer (and paper, one assumes) is made by
    Epson. I wonder how they deal with the curling issue (or if they do at all).

    Argon3, Dec 2, 2003
  12. mark herring

    Mark Herring Guest

    I print a lot of snaps on 4" premium glossy roll. After drying, I
    siimply take a strip and roll it up backwards and let it sit
    overnight. Then, after cutting, take the stack and bend it all
    together until everything is flat. (bend a stack maybe 1/4' thick
    DIAGONALLY. This allows you to apply significant force without losing
    Mark Herring, Pasadena, Calif.
    Private e-mail: Just say no to "No".
    Mark Herring, Dec 2, 2003
  13. mark herring

    LauraK Guest

    Looking for information on "consumer-level" roll paper---eg 8" wide, 13"
    Digital Art Supplies.
    They sell rolls in all sizes, will cut to size. E-mail or call them with what
    you want. They've got an 800 number for customer questions.
    Excellent company with great information. They can provide profiles on most
    Epsons for non-Epson papers and inks.
    Another great paper company is:
    They have rolls in a variety of sizes, including 4" wide "snapshot" rolls.
    They'll give you plenty of information.
    If you've never experimented with different papers, order one of their sample
    packs. A great and inexpensive way to find out what's out there.
    They've got some resin coated paper that is truly amazing.
    web design, print design, photography
    LauraK, Dec 2, 2003
  14. mark herring

    Ted Johnson Guest

    While my experience matches yours with the 4" rolls, your surmise that the
    larger rolls would act similarly does not match my experience. FWIW, I use
    13" rolls of Inkjetart Micro Ceramic Lustre (same paper as Epson Lustre) on
    an Epson SP 2200 and I don't have a curling problem at all.

    Just another point of view...

    Ted Johnson, Dec 4, 2003
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