Roll Paper vs. Sheet Paper

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by ryanding, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. ryanding

    ryanding Guest

    I am looking for a photo printer. I noticed that some printers take
    roll papers (like Epson Stylus Photo 960). I'd like to know the
    differences between roll papers and sheet papers. I guess aRoll Paper
    gives you the choice of printing panoramas. But I'll mainly print
    4x6's. In this case, which one is more convenient (Epson 960 has a
    automatic roll paper cutter). How about the cost per 4x6 sheet? I'd
    appreciate any comment/opinion.


    ryanding, Nov 8, 2003
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  2. ryanding

    Harry Da Hat Guest

    The only way that I know of to buy roll paper is to order it directly from
    the manufacturer of the printer. I have never seen it in the stores,
    perhaps someone can correct me on this, I'm sure someone will if I am in
    err. I know I have looked for it in the past and haven't been able to find
    it at Officemax, Office Depot, Staples (stateside stores).

    Harry Da Hat, Nov 8, 2003
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  3. ryanding

    Bob Hatch Guest

    It's available here:
    Bob Hatch, Nov 8, 2003
  4. ryanding

    Harry Da Hat Guest

    Harry Da Hat, Nov 8, 2003
  5. ryanding

    Bob Hatch Guest

    Atlex is *not* a manufacture of anything. They are a distributor of printers
    and supplies and sell well below most sources. They carry Epson, HP, Canon,
    Lexmark, Brother, Okidata, Kodak/Encad, and Panasonic.

    So Harry, like I said.
    Bob Hatch, Nov 8, 2003
  6. ryanding

    Harry Da Hat Guest

    My mistake in hasty reading, I apologize for that. :::smacking self in

    Harry Da Hat, Nov 8, 2003
  7. ryanding

    ryanding Guest

    I've seen it today at a MicroCenter store. Visit
    ryanding, Nov 9, 2003
  8. ryanding

    Hamish Reid Guest

    Well, that's not what *he* said, but never mind. You can also buy roll
    paper directly from Calumet.

    Hamish Reid, Nov 9, 2003
  9. ryanding

    Steven Guest

    I have the Epson 825(last years model) and have used the 4x6 roll
    paper. I buy it at Fry's and its 14.99 for the roll. It makes 52 4x6
    prints with extra white paper to cut them down. If you didnt use that
    feature you mite get more if you print the photos back to back. They
    only thing I dont like about the roll is that the prints curl, so you
    have to put them under weight to flatten them out.

    Steven, Nov 9, 2003
  10. ryanding

    RAD Guest

    My local Staples sells the 4" wide Epson roll paper.
    RAD, Nov 9, 2003
  11. ryanding

    Shepherd Guest


    Shepherd, Nov 9, 2003
  12. ryanding

    pshaw Guest

    i believe you can get it at: they have superb
    papers! nfi ...

    pshaw, Nov 9, 2003
  13. ryanding

    Mark Herring Guest

    My experience (Epson) is that the roll paper is the same--just
    different shape.

    I really like the roll for snapshots. I print a whole bunch and then
    uncurl them by just rolling the whole thing backwards (after the ink
    is totally dry...)

    I also use the larger roll sizes for panoramas.

    When you get into some of the alternate papers---archival matte, eg.
    there is no roll option. Hope to see this someday.
    Mark Herring, Pasadena, Calif.
    Private e-mail: Just say no to "No".
    Mark Herring, Nov 9, 2003
  14. ryanding

    Luk Guest

    I'm wondering why you prefer roll for snapshots. The
    4X6 prints seem very convenient for printers that
    offer a separate paper tray for the 4X6

    Is the roll less expensive than 4X6 paper?

    Luk, Nov 9, 2003
  15. ryanding

    Luk Guest

    Luk asked:
    Oops. I see you've already addressed the cost issue.

    Luk, Nov 9, 2003
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