Rogers (Canada) Landline Telephone Service With Double Beep In Outgoing Greeting

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Martin, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Martin

    Martin Guest


    This may be off-topic, but I would appreciate knowing if any subscribers of
    Rogers (Canada) landline telephone service have experienced the following:

    In 2003, I switched from Bell Canada (landline) to Sprint Canada which, in
    turn, was purchased by Rogers.

    I used to have basic voice mail which provided the opportunity to leave a 30
    second outgoing greeting. The problem, however, was that, while creating a
    greeting, there was a double beep at the 17 or 18 second mark.

    Since my greeting was supposed to run 25 or so seconds, the double beep
    threw me off my cadence, thus ruining the greeting. I repeatedly reported
    the problem to Rogers, politely telling them that even the cheapest
    answering machines no longer have beeps in them. In response, Rogers
    advanced tech support informed me that the double beeps were there by
    default, reminding me that I had 12 seconds or so left.

    In order to avoid the double beeps, I upgraded to enhanced voice mail, which
    allows the customer to leave an outgoing announcement of up to 45 seconds.
    Once again, the double beeps occurred, but this time at the 33 second mark.

    Since my announcement ran approximately 25 seconds, I was able to avoid the
    double beep problem, but upgrading costs a few extra dollars per month.

    It bothers me that I have to spend extra money to avoid double beeps when
    the basic voice mail option would suit me just fine.

    I wonder how many thousands of dollars per month Rogers makes from customers
    who upgrade to avoid double beeps.

    They're heard not only by me, but also by callers.

    I need to stay with Rogers as I run a business, and Rogers service includes
    a Yellow Pages listing for far less than Bell.

    So, if anyone has had experience with the above or opinions regarding it,
    I'd appreciate having them posted here.

    If there's sufficient feedback, I hope to print and then fax the posts to
    the executive offices of Rogers to let them know that there's a problem
    needing a fix.

    Thanks for "listening" to my rant!


    Martin, Jan 23, 2007
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