Rock Star Anand Bhatt takes Indian Americans to New Heights TtjO

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by VIBE MUSIC, Aug 19, 2003.


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    Anand Bhatt is the clique to multimedia majestic madness. Anand Clique is "Down Below" with its gritty grind liquidation hard core, gripping & tripping with metal laden delight. Anand Bhatt has the charisma to expose his uninhibited primal urgency direct onto disk via earthy transmigration.

    Anand Clique is unencumbered & manic mania dripping with earthy & overwhelming second chakra energy surges of sonic titillation. This post industrial drama-raga-rocks.

    "Over Whelmed" wields the aggressive movements of anarchic pseudo-punk melded with eclectic confounding flavor. Its iconoclastic musical nature of organized chaos exudes an attitude that reflects a F-yeah awareness in todays world of political correctness.

    "Power Madness" spots a mid tempo kinda-groove, syncopated with double kick bass drums that scorch-a porch in grind-refined mind. Whereas "Blood" takes to a higher ground, a sense around to epiphany. So why even talk. It's sublime.

    "Vladimere" showcases the off time syncopation of original destination that leads to creation. Its exploration of faint eastern Euro influences is a divergence of design.

    "Mountain" climbs to the summit & peaks to freaks, that are not for the meek. It seeks ones soul & at times to rock & roll. To AUM to stroll , to OM to all ; Anand Bhatt does it in his own way & there is no end to the expressionistic flurry of might & bite that Anand Clique's worldly circumference magnetizes.

    (ug, 2003, re: Anand Bhatt Article)

    VIBE MUSIC, Aug 19, 2003
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