Robert Williams. Questions about NDA

Discussion in 'MCITP' started by Tom, May 30, 2007.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Hello Robert Williams,

    I have some questions about NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement) to clarify .

    1. I don’t have time to watch the webcast about the NDA(Non Disclosure
    Agreement). Is there any written legal document about that, (especially how
    many questions and time)?
    2. What questions can I ask in this web site? Most of questions are illegal
    according to you. What this web-site is for?
    3. Can I bring a bottle to a test site? I guessed that your coworker did not
    think about that. Oops. I though that the take was a man.
    4. I am wondering whether you are an exam taker or a seller (according to
    your web-site you sell something)?

    Best regards,
    Tom, May 30, 2007
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  2. Tom

    Montreal MCT Guest

    I do not speak for Robert, but here are my replies:

    1. The written document is the NDA. You are allowed to say how many
    2. You can ask any questions you like... we may not be able to answer them.
    3. No you may not bring a bottle, andyes my colleague was a woman.
    4. I do not sell but I do take exams.

    Montreal MCT, May 30, 2007
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  3. Understandable, Tom, but if you do find a few minutes (ok, 60 minutes), please
    take the time watch it at your convenience. I will clarify more to you than you
    know. And if you'd like to help others, then I really do suggest you watch it.

    To answer your question, yes, the NDA *IS* that legal document. What we had
    talked about in the Webcast was: What is and is not covered by the NDA.

    Basically, we (as IT Professionals bound by the NDA) cannot answer questions
    that will reveal any specifics about the content of the exams.

    What can be answered, however, are the following questions:
    1. How many questions did you see about <a particular topic> on your exam?
    2. How many questions are on the Exam?
    3. How long (time wise) is the exam?
    4. What is it like to take an exam?

    What you cannot provide people that ask questions really depends on the question
    asked. Because of the metrics involved, you're _limited_ to answering the

    What is the passing score?

    It is general knowledge that the passing score on most (if not all) exams is
    700. Note, however, that a score of 700 is NOT always equal to 70% of the total.

    This, however, should not help you in your studies, only in understanding that
    you either passed, or did not pass, the exam once you are finished. So please,
    don't use any score as a goal for what you should achieve.
    First, let me clarify that it is not me, nor is it CertGuard, that defines what
    it legal to ask or what is not. Let me clarify even further that CertGuard is in
    no way related to Microsoft. CertGuard is an independent (currently, not for
    profit) company that I started in order to help the community. Microsoft has
    spent 100's of manhours determining what we (as IT professionals) should and
    should not discuss.

    Second, these newsgroups are for general questions about the certifications and
    the certification process. They are not to be used for asking specific questions
    about the exams themselves. If you feel there is an error on an exam, or in a
    publication, you can write to the respective person in charge of handling the

    Please understand that anyone here may (or may not) decide to answer questions
    at their own free will. There is not a single person in any of these newsgroups
    that gets paid to watch for questions, let alone take the time out of their day
    to answer any of them. I may not be speaking for everyone here, but I know I
    speak for a few people when I say that the main reason we frequent these
    newsgroups is because we enjoy it.
    No, you cannot bring any extraneous materials into the testing center, including
    (but not limited to) water bottles.
    CertGuard does not take exams for, nor do we (currently) sell anything to Exam

    Currently we are trying to get information out to interested persons, such as
    yourself, about how to earn your IT Certifications without using braindumps or
    other illegal (or immoral) means.
    Thanks for your interest, Tom. Good luck on your future exams and
    Robert Williams [CertGuard], May 30, 2007
  4. :

    [stuff snipped]
    [more stuff snipped]
    Okay, so now you're giving away "the new 'No Braindump' CertGear"?
    Great! Can you send me one of each please?
    Also, can I get anything for my seven-foot-one-inch tall, 7X, 17EEEE shoe
    sized son?
    He's really hard to shop for and we can't afford to buy him anything because
    of the prices. Free gear for him would really be appreciated.
    Have a good June.
    LarryWestMCSD, Jun 1, 2007
  5. Ok, yeah, I wasn't thinking about that stuff, as well as the books that we're
    trying to 'push'.
    I sure can...all I'll need you to do is go to the website, choose the item(s),
    the size(s), and the quantities, follow the steps to pay for the items, then I
    will send them to you immediately. ;)
    Wholly carp!!! Yeah, how about a cigarette? (I hear they stunt growth) If not, a
    basketball may do him some good.
    Hmmm...yeah, I can imagine. Unfortunately, I think our sizes only reach 4X.
    Would he be interested in a "Belly T"?
    It's gonna be a hot one down here.
    Robert Williams [CertGuard], Jun 1, 2007
  6. "Robert Williams [CertGuard]" <NewsGroups[at[CertGuard[dot]co_> wrote in
    Dude, I just had lunch! Ugh.
    Michael D. Alligood [CertGuard], Jun 1, 2007
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