Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Jim Lawson, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Jim Lawson

    Jim Lawson Guest

    Jim Lawson, Sep 23, 2003
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  2. Ian Galbraith, Sep 23, 2003
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  3. Jim Lawson

    Thomas Bell Guest

    I wonder if the store near me in Huntington Beach will soon close. They
    just moved to the new location from Westminster about a year ago and the
    store anyway seems to do decent business.

    I bought my first laserdisc (King Kong Criterion silver box) back in '85
    or so when it was Ken Cranes in a small store in the Westminster Mall
    and have remained a loyal if increasingly dissatisfied customer for
    close to two decades. Clearly, as indicated in the messages on the board
    linked above, the store and business as a whole took a steep slide when
    it was bought out by Image. No more imports, selectively *not* carrying
    certain titles (notably music dvds) high turnover and a lack of a
    personal rapport with loyal customers.

    I also understand the Tower Records chain is also in financial jeopardy
    and while they don't have as nice prices as DVD Planet, they do carry a
    decent selection and even some rare titles.

    Thomas Bell, Sep 23, 2003
  4. Jim Lawson

    bazza Guest

    I used to buy LD's from them back many a year..they were excellent back then
    when Ken Cranes. Of course being in Australia we just couldn't go down and
    pick them up..LOL. But since finding DVD Pacific I buy all my DVD's from
    them and so haven't used DVD Planet/Ken Cranes for many moons now. Still sad
    to see a long time e-tailer go down.
    bazza, Sep 23, 2003
  5. Jim Lawson

    Hugh Candlin Guest


    There is very little that differentiates them from the competition today,
    whereas, as a laserdisc vendor, they were in the top echelon.
    I'm not surprised they moved. Laserdiscs take up a lot more room
    than DVDs, so their DVD stock would look lost in the same space.
    Did they consolidate their DVD salesroom with their TV salesroom?
    I didn't know that they used to be in the mall. I bought my first player from them
    when they were in the small stripmall store down-and-across the street from
    the larger store that they moved to (next to Pep Boys).

    That CLD-980 is still going strong, although it now balks at playing the outer
    chapter on CAV discs. As I now have a stable of 7 players, including a
    CLD-D704, which I had wanted ever since I read the original reviews,
    that isn't a serious issue.
    Smacks of censorship, doesn't it. When they were a Laserdisc shop,
    they always had a tremendous selection. I routinely saw and bought
    discs there that I rarely if ever saw anywhere else.
    Borders and Frys would be my first stop if looking for a rarish title
    in a B&M. Wal*Mart, Best Buy, Target and Circuit City
    tend not to deal in those titles.

    I haven't heard anything about Tower having problems, other than
    the general malaise of the last few years, which was forecast a year
    before it happened anyway, and also the sales downturn due to
    the popularity of "file sharing", brought on to some extent
    by the price gouging practiced by the record and film industries.

    Example: How much did Adam Sandler make for just 2 movies?
    Answer: One quarter of a BILLION US dollars.
    Hugh Candlin, Sep 24, 2003
  6. Jim Lawson

    Thomas Bell Guest

    Actually, the new (dvd) store is probably close to the same square
    footage as the old store. And they still have at least 3 "home theater"
    stores that I know of that sell exclusively a/v equipment throughout
    Southern California.
    I'm sure it has something to do with DVD Planet (formerly) being owned
    by Image. It's interesting that certain titles they just refuse to
    carry. Good example would be say Queen's recent dvd "Live at Wembly."

    Like you mention, back in the Ken Crane/laserdisc days, I'd pick up a
    lot of Japanese import LDs from them. Now, DVD Planet considers
    "Foreign" dvds to be nothing more then dvds from Tai Seng studios. These
    days, if I buy a dvd that's either PAL format or other then Region 1,
    it's either from Aemoba Records in Hollywood or online from someplace
    like CD Japan.

    Thomas Bell, Sep 24, 2003
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