Right equipment for home wireless?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by David Ellis, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. David Ellis

    David Ellis Guest

    I had help here getting an understanding of what boxes are
    needed and it's now time to buy, so I want to review the
    list with someone more knowledgeable than I.

    Host ICS computer already has a USB wireless adapter
    "talking" to a commercial access point. I want to add a
    wireless network for a notebook computer and two printers,
    one USB and the other parallel (Centronics).

    I plan to buy

    1) a wireless access point, Linksys WAP54G
    2) notebook adapter, Linksys WPC54G
    3) USB print server, Linksys WPS54GU2
    4) Paralell printer server, D-Link DP-311P

    The wireless access point will be connected to the ICS host
    computer's Ethernet port.

    Is this the right hardware?

    David Ellis, Jan 18, 2006
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  2. Hi

    Basically you are on the right track.

    I am not familiar with all the hardware that you listed.

    There are few considerations with Printer servers.

    Many of them are WEP only capable, so they drag the Wireless security down.
    I.e. you would need to configure every thing WEP even if parts of the
    Network are WPA capable.

    Depending on the printer, you might not get all the printer capacities
    through the Network with 3rd party printer server. I usually recommend,
    "biting the bullet" and buying a Printer that is Network ready and plugs it
    to the Network via wire. A humble All in One that is Network ready would
    not be much more expensive than two Wireless Network Servers.

    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Jan 18, 2006
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  3. David Ellis

    David Ellis Guest

    Thanks for the heads up on WEP. Does "...you might not get
    all the printer capacities..." mean the printer will not run
    full rated speed? Or does it mean there will be missing
    David Ellis, Jan 18, 2006
  4. Per David Ellis:
    Got a WPS54G a few weeks ago.

    Does the basic printing on my HP color printer, but the printer's built-in flash
    card reader does not get supported. Moot to me because the thing was slow as
    death anyhow.... but in general, I'd be on the lookout for whether all of a
    given printer's features survive the wireless hookup.
    (PeteCresswell), Jan 18, 2006
  5. David Ellis

    Lem Guest

    Any particular reason why you selected the D-Link DP-311P rather than
    two Linksys WPS54GU2s? Or at least one Linksys WPS54GU2 and a Linksys
    WPS54G? From everything I've seen, it's usually more prudent (although
    perhaps not completely necessary) to have all wireless devices from the
    same manufacturer. According to the spec sheets, the WPS54G has a USB
    2.0 port (which is backwards compatible with USB 1.1) while the WPS54GU2
    has both a USB 2.0 port and a parallel port.
    Lem, Jan 18, 2006
  6. David Ellis

    David Ellis Guest

    The WPS54GU2 has only a USB port, so far as I can tell. The
    printer has a parallel (Centronics) port. If you know of a
    Linksys wireless print server that has a parallel port, I'd
    like to know about it.
    David Ellis, Jan 19, 2006
  7. David Ellis

    Lem Guest

    All I know is what I see on the Linksys website:

    From the main WPS54GU2 page (http://tinyurl.com/93jsy):
    "The Linksys Wireless-G PrintServer for USB 2.0 lets you connect a USB
    or parallel printer (or both!) directly to your network, eliminating the
    need to dedicate a PC to print sharing chores. ... The USB port is
    compatible with USB 1.1 printers, as well as printers that support the
    new high-speed USB 2.0 specification for even faster throughput. There's
    also a separate port for a standard parallel printer. For even more
    versatility, you can connect two printers, one to each port, and send
    your documents to whichever one is most appropriate for each print job."

    And see the picture of both ports on page 3 of the User Guide
    Lem, Jan 20, 2006
  8. David Ellis

    David Ellis Guest

    I must be going blind in my old age. Thank you, Lem, for
    your patience and persistence and the useful links.

    In the User Guide Specifications I don't find WPA
    capability, only WEP. Is there a print server that offers
    WPA security?
    David Ellis, Jan 20, 2006
  9. David Ellis

    Lem Guest

    You make a very good point. Typically, all of the wireless connections on a
    single network have to have the same encryption setup, which means you would be
    limited to WEP for all if you used the WPS54GU2.

    As near as I can determine, the WPS54GU2 does NOT support WPA (although the
    WPS54G supports WPA-PSK). This is the type of feature that would be added by a
    firmware upgrade, although Linksys has not chosen to do so yet. See this thread
    at linksysinfo.org (a very good place to know about if you have Linksys
    hardware): http://tinyurl.com/c3uq4

    However, I'd suggest not using the D-Link DP-311P that you listed in your
    original post. Not only does it seem not to have WPA, but it's a 802.11b
    device. Although 802.11b and 802.11g are compatible in that they use the same
    RF frequencies, at least when g devices first came out, the use of mixed b and g
    devices on the same wireless network slowed everythig down. I don't know if
    this effect has been dealt with, but D-Link also makes the DP-G301, which is a
    wireless G parallel port print server. The DP-G301 is newer, and I "think" that
    it supports WPA, but I'd check with D-Link if I were you.
    Lem, Jan 20, 2006
  10. My recomendations are:

    1) a wireless access point, Linksys WRT54GS (Router and AP with
    2) notebook adapter, Linksys WPC54GS (With Speedbooster)
    3) USB print server, Linksys WPS54GU2 ( It`s OK, but considering WPA shared
    key option even WEP security options, I recomend buy it the WPS54G )
    4) Paralell printer server, D-Link DP-311P ( I`m Not familiar with this

    I hope that this tips can help to decide you.
    Alejandro Segura Cernas, Jan 20, 2006
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