RFID4U brings World's largest RFID eLearning portal TEAMRFID.COM

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Rodrique, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Mar 14, 2008
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    RFID4U brings World's largest RFID eLearning portal TEAMRFID.COM enables learners to grasp these new and exciting subjects easily.

    RFID is not a plug and play technology, it concerns with various factors until and unless effective knowledge about RFID technology is not spread it will continue to be plagued by controversies. Being a world leader in RFID training solutions - RFID4U brings World’s largest RFID e-Learning portal TEAMRFID.COM holds a spectrum of RFID e-Learning courses which are split into separate series like CompTIA RFID+ certification modules, RFID Industry courses and vendor based RFID product courses.

    Get connect with Teamrfid.com now by registering for free RFID online courses here: There are two free RFID courses to kick start your potentials in RFID today. The first is the RFID basic course and as the name implies it aims at clearing your fundamentals of this technology. The second one is the RFID and DoD UID Compliance course which imparts knowledge with respect to the mandates and policies imposed by U.S. Department of Defense on its suppliers. Click here www.teamrfid.com to register for it.

    Our online courses and self-paced / self-study training and education in key RFID topics are convenient, effective, and affordable way to learn RFID technology. These courses offer a visually engaging, guided learning experience with highly interactive features, including learning style, assessments, rich simulations, labs for practice. It takes you to the extreme level of RFID Implementation in high end of Industry applications. It delivers value by providing a cost-effective, flexible means to acquire knowledge and skills on RFID technology.

    In addition, RFID4U offers world class RFID class room and onsite courses to impart with students directly by means of drill, practice and hands on experience. For more details please visit www.rfid4u.com.
    Rodrique, Mar 14, 2008
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