Reviving eBay camcorder battery. NP-QM71

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Kevin, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    I have a question about a Sony InfoLithium battery I bought on eBay
    and came from Hong Kong. :^(

    It's a NP-QM71 SQ Series M for a model TRV33 Sony camcorder. Genuine
    battery as is recognized by the camcorderInfoLithium. It is being
    charged in a Sony BC-VM50 charger.

    It didn't work when I put it in the camera to charge it. I charged
    it. I worked for 10 seconds then the power went out. I get the dead
    battery symbol.

    Based on some internet reading I read about reviving them with a 10ohm
    resistor. I got a 10ohm resistor rated to 25watts. That baby goes up
    to 80 Celsius. I've got it so it stays hot for a few hours when
    discharging the battery pack.

    I can now get 25 minutes of camcorder use but then I lose power.
    Strange thing is when I check the current with my amp meter, the
    current reads 1.2 amps and then drops quickly to 0.003 amps. Each
    repeated amp

    check, the High amperage level increases but the drop is the same and
    the low slows down at 0.020amps) and put it back in the camera I'll
    get 25 more minutes... this goes on until the battery is out of
    power. The "minutes remaining seems flaked out, show more minutes
    that the battery is designed for.

    Is there any way to revive it back to its full potential time

    Kevin, Jul 15, 2004
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