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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by consumer, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. consumer

    consumer Guest

    Being retired, I have a lot of time to research suppliers and products
    on the net. I will give away my secret of TWO great suppliers at the end
    of this message for those who don't like to read.

    In months of searching for wifi radios and other devices I have
    concluded that 99% of suppliers/vendors on the net would not survive in
    the brick and mortar world, because their service/attitude/products
    STINK, imo.

    The average consumer has to be very careful when giving out credit card
    numbers and ordering from these online vendors who often:

    a) charge ridiculous high restocking and other fees to guarantee they
    make a profit regardless of whether or not they lie about their
    products, market junk products, offer no support, are rude and
    unprofessional,etc. etc.

    b) are outright fraud operators

    c) think because their profit margin is low they can pretend they are
    the source of their wifi equipment, when, in fact, the only thing they
    have done is make a deal with some chinese outfit that sells the same
    stuff much cheaper directly.

    One jerk operator that recently comes to mind is an outfit operating on
    ebay with a web page that, like many, tries to make it look like they
    are a big company when it is just some jerk and a few friends who put up
    a web page operating out of a shitwater Mexican border town of Nogales,
    AZ. With the initals D.A. you can figure out who it is, not going to
    give them any free advertising here. The idiot who runs this outfit,
    took my credit card number and then did nothing, did not send the
    product. They had a negative record with the AZ Better Business Bureau
    until they paid them off by joining and suddenly overnight their record
    went to A+. Shows what a bogus outfit the Southern AZ BBB is, which also
    refuses to take complaints unless they can publish your personal
    information to a url link. This happened after they agreed to the order
    by phone and the terms. Also be careful of ebay positive reviews, they
    often do not reflect the true nature of a company. When you phone them
    they laugh at you in the background and lie about what they are going to
    do. Very unprofessional outfit, avoid them.

    Now if you want TWO REALLY GOOD SERVICE WIFI suppliers with superior web
    pages, superior service and competitive prices, here are the only two I
    can recommend after a couple years of researching all these mostly shit
    outfits. I have no profit motive here, nor am I in any business related
    to marketing wifi equipment, just reporting my personal experiences.

    NETGATE.COM- great service from Bill who answers his email and supplies
    very good products. Excellent webpage that gives all the information you
    need, good prices. Only disadvantage is they are in Hawaii, so deliver
    might take a little more time, but not bad at all. Bought a pcmcia card
    from them that is very powerful and still going strong 3 years later.
    Serviced product even after it was purchased. Guarantees his products.

    ROKLAND.COM- great service from Jason a small operator with a very good
    web page who ALSO answers his email and give fast delivery of great
    products. In Florida. Wide selection of products at good prices. Bought
    a usb wifi radio, strongest I have seen yet at a good price. Service is
    good even after he has your money. NICE web page easy to navigate, no
    BS. Supplies test reports on his products. Guarantees his products. Big company, with fairly good service, also reasonable
    customer support, but so big they are sometimes difficult to communicate
    with. Guarantees some, but not all of it's products.
    consumer, Oct 15, 2009
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