Review of Kodak pre-charged batteries from Wal-Mart (WalMart)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by John Doe, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    Using my new Maha PowerEx MH-C9000 (OGOKA).

    The copyright on the AA packages is 2006, made at some undisclosed
    location in China. Fully charged, supposed to be 2100 with a minimum
    of 2000. Tested one 4 pack of AAs. Out of the package, two of the
    batteries were completely discharged (below .9 V), the other two
    batteries were almost discharged (400 milliamp hours).

    The first attempt to condition and recharge (Break-In) the batteries
    resulted in these four milliamp hour ratings.

    The second attempt to condition and then recharge the same batteries
    brought the two of them up barely over 2000. The other two made it
    just above 1800 before they gave up at about .96 V.

    So I took them back. I'll order either Duracell
    pre-charged or Eneloop pre-charged, online.
    John Doe, Dec 8, 2008
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  2. John Doe

    ransley Guest

    Instead of putting down Kodak I will put down dumb, anybody
    complaining about batteries made in 06 , soon to be 3 yrs old is just
    trying to make trouble, I hope you get another set of 06 bateries.
    ransley, Dec 8, 2008
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  3. John Doe

    Horn Feed Guest

    I have had good luck with the Kodak precharged batteries from Wal-Mart. I
    have one
    application that requires a slow drain over a period of one month. In this
    application the Kodaks worked better than Duracell precharged ones did.

    Horn Feed, Dec 8, 2008
  4. John Doe

    Dave Cohen Guest

    My experience with Kodak pre-charged has been very good on packages
    purchased at two different times. Something isn't right here and I doubt
    Kodak were making pre-charged back in 2006 but manufacture date and
    copyright date are two separate issues. I know nothing about Duracell
    except a generally favorable regard for their Alkalines. Eneloop are
    probably as good as you'll get and Sanyo were the first to market this
    type and I then licensed the technology. If your experience with Eneloop
    is similar to the Kodak it might be wise to not advertise same.
    Dave Cohen
    Dave Cohen, Dec 8, 2008
  5. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    Speaking of dumb...
    the copyright of 2006 suggests that the batteries were made no earlier
    than 2006, that does not mean that they were made in 2006.
    John Doe, Dec 12, 2008
  6. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    Good for you, Dave Cohen.

    It's called "rubbing fan boys the wrong way".

    I looked at several of the packages, Dave Cohen, so did the clerk I
    returned them to. The AA Kodak Pre-Charged battery packages said
    Copyright 2006. The AAA battery packages had a copyright date of
    2007. In fact, a copyright date does suggest that the batteries were
    made at least as early as the copyright date (this case appears to
    be an exception, see the press release below), even though it does
    not mean that the batteries in that particular package were made
    that year.

    Apparently Kodak pre-charged batteries were first distributed in
    July of 2007. The Wal-Mart here has sold them about that long.

    FWIW. Entirely possible they are Sanyo batteries.

    I shouldn't relate my (possible) experience because there might be
    some Sanyo fan boys in here? Are you a comedian, Dave Cohen?
    In other words... "I didn't know of Kodak pre-charged batteries
    until earlier this year, therefore they were not available until
    then." Strange reasoning there, Ron Hunter.
    John Doe, Dec 12, 2008
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