Returned Mail I Never Sent

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by David, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. David

    David Guest

    I am getting increasing email messages of undeliverable mail supposedly sent
    by my email address. Receipients address is always somebody I never heard
    of. I have WinXP Pro, Norton Internet Security, Search & Destroy and
    Ad-Ware. What is this, a Mal-Ware program generating email on my machine,
    or what? I have tried searching for any unrocognized programs, but havn't
    a clue. Any suggestions on what I should do?

    David, Aug 8, 2005
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  2. David

    Harrison Guest

    Someone who has you in their address book has an e-mail virus.
    The virus routinely generates messages to others in the address book, using your address as a forged sender.
    It's not just picking on you. It will do this with every address in there if it's allowed to continue.

    Best prevention is to not correspond with dimwitted people who do not keep their anti-virus up to date.
    Harrison, Aug 8, 2005
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  3. David

    Evan Platt Guest

    It's also possible his e-mail address was harvested from usenet...
    Evan Platt, Aug 8, 2005
  4. David

    Mike Easter Guest

    Spam uses bogus From. The bogus From is typically derived from the same
    kinds of addresses as spam is addressed to, such as your address.

    Spamruns go out with your address in the From. Some servers accept
    spammail which they cannot deliver and are configured to send a 'belated
    bounce' which is a newmail addressed to the bogus From, which would be

    Similar belated bounces can be derived from virus propagations which
    also use bogus From.

    Belated misdirected bounces are abusive to the forged From, namely you,
    and are reportable by those recipients of such who are also spamcop
    Mike Easter, Aug 8, 2005
  5. David

    Joel Rubin Guest

    Most likely a forging "virus" (more likely worm) on somebody else's
    machine. Many if not most viruses I have "sent" viruses whose headers
    indicated they came from thousands of kilometers away in countries
    where I have never been.

    Possibly a virus on your machine or a purposeful forgery.
    Joel Rubin, Aug 8, 2005
  6. David

    Richard Guest

    Do not open the attachment or reply since if you do it will confirm that
    you are a real address, just delete it.
    Richard, Aug 8, 2005
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