Return of the King (love it or hate it)

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by TSKO, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. TSKO

    TSKO Guest

    ....okay...came out last night.....for those night owl's that went to see
    it......what do the masses think of it??
    TSKO, Dec 17, 2003
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  2. TSKO

    Ken Cobb Guest

    I loved it. Even more, I suspect I'll love the EE release even more.
    Without dropping spoilers, there were a couple of minor story changes
    that bugged me a little, but nothing that ruined it for me. Some
    things I'd have liked to have seen aren't there, but they are not
    crucial to the story and I suspect that they will be around in the EE

    Overall a nice ending to a great series.

    Ken Cobb, Dec 17, 2003
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  3. TSKO

    Stan Jensen Guest

    Loved it. Thought it was too short though. Even had a few "lump in the
    throat, teary-eyed" moments.

    And I'm going to have nightmares about giant spiders for months now.

    So... when's the DVD EE coming out? none too soon for me.:)
    Stan Jensen, Dec 17, 2003
  4. TSKO

    Stan Brown Guest

    It' not on DVD, so this is not the place to discuss it. Try a
    current-films group, or
    Stan Brown, Dec 17, 2003
  5. TSKO

    Wild Coyote Guest

    It is interesting to note that the user comments on the IMDB ripped
    it. I hope to see it Sunday, time permitting.
    Wild Coyote, Dec 17, 2003
  6. TSKO

    Jay Stewart Guest

    Wow, Stan. That's pretty harsh. Cut the guy some slack. Lots of the people
    who post here would welcome talking about this film with familiar folks.
    Jay Stewart, Dec 17, 2003
  7. TSKO

    Mark B. Guest

    Just got back...absolutely loved it! Already planning a second viewing.

    Mark B., Dec 18, 2003
  8. TSKO

    JONA99 Guest

    Not on DVD? Oh, yes it is. I saw it last week in downtown LA, on sale for
    eight bucks no less. (Maybe Jack Valenti should forget about screeners and
    take a walk outside his office sometime...)
    JONA99, Dec 18, 2003
  9. TSKO

    TSKO Guest

    Your quite correct...but u know what?? Bummer...I frequent this newsgroup
    and wtd to hear ppl's opinions from here. Basically, dont read the post
    (and even reply) if it bugs u.


    I loved it. Though I have read the books, I try not to compare the 2
    because if I do... I will like the film less. Sure there were a few things
    missing...sure there were a few things changed...but was a
    wonderful 3+ hrs to spend. And as the poster above stated....everytime I
    see a spider...its going to give me the chills...

    Anyone else's opinions?
    TSKO, Dec 18, 2003
  10. TSKO

    Mark B. Guest

    What are you talking about? I don't see the post you're replying to (could
    be a poster I filtered for some reason), but you didn't quote it and the
    thread shows it as a reply to my post.

    Mark B., Dec 18, 2003
  11. TSKO

    Mark B. Guest

    OK, I see meant to reply to Stan Brown's post.

    Mark B., Dec 18, 2003
  12. TSKO

    nick Guest

    Can't wait for the extended DVD.
    nick, Dec 18, 2003
  13. TSKO

    BubbCoop Guest

    <<So... when's the DVD EE coming out?>>

    BubbCoop, Dec 19, 2003
  14. TSKO

    Larry Gold Guest

    one of the best films I have ever seem!

    Arsenal For Life
    Thierry Henry:
    Arsenal is my Paradise
    Larry Gold, Dec 20, 2003
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