Restricting access to internal hosts

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Dugg80, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Dugg80

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    Restricting access to internal hosts

    hi all!

    i have a problem which i hope you can help me with. please see image located

    as you can see i connected a router with the company network and which
    routes to a gateway connected to the internet. everything is working ok and
    there is full connectivity throughout. my problem is that users which are
    connecting to the internet via the router are able to access the internal
    workstations. is there a way how i could still allow internet access to the
    machines connected to the router but disallow them access to the internal

    Dugg80, Nov 12, 2009
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  2. You may have many options. 1. Put the wireless router before the gateway. 2.
    If the gateway has another port, connect the wireless router using different

    Bob Lin, Microsoft-MVP, MCSE & CNE
    Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on
    How to Setup Windows, Network, VPN & Remote Access on
    Bob Lin \(MS-MVP\), Nov 12, 2009
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