restricted/unrestricted license in PIX 6.1

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by sillymartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. sillymartin

    sillymartin Guest

    i have a customer with Cisco PIX 6.1(4).
    he wants to upgrade to 7.0
    i need to find out the type of license he has to find out how much
    memory he needs

    when he sends me the output of "show version",
    i don't get the type of license,
    (as in 6.3 e.g. : "This PIX has a Restricted (R) license".)

    this is all I get:
    cisco-pix> sh ver

    Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.1(4)

    Compiled on Tue 21-May-02 08:40 by morlee

    cisco-pix up 28 days 2 hours

    Hardware: PIX-515, 32 MB RAM, CPU Pentium 200 MHz
    Flash i28F640J5 @ 0x300, 16MB
    BIOS Flash AT29C257 @ 0xfffd8000, 32KB

    0: ethernet0: address is 0004.9ad0.cd08, irq 11
    1: ethernet1: address is 0004.9ad0.cd09, irq 10
    2: ethernet2: address is 0002.b346.3739, irq 7

    Licensed Features:
    Failover: Disabled
    VPN-DES: Enabled
    VPN-3DES: Disabled
    Maximum Interfaces: 3
    Cut-through Proxy: Enabled
    Guards: Enabled
    Websense: Enabled
    Inside Hosts: Unlimited
    Throughput: Unlimited
    ISAKMP peers: Unlimited

    Serial Number: xxx
    Activation Key: xxx

    is there another command in 6.1 to find out what type of license I have

    sillymartin, Aug 17, 2006
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  2. www.BradReese.Com, Aug 17, 2006
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  3. sillymartin

    Brian V Guest

    It tells you max interfaces are 3, right off the bat that means 515R. You
    have enough flash (16M) but you need to upgrade the DRAM. Minimum is 64 for
    the R model to run v7, you have 32M.

    Brian V, Aug 17, 2006
  4. sillymartin

    sillymartin Guest

    thanks a lot
    do i need cisco DRAM or any with the right specs?

    btw: what costs are involved as far as software?
    let's just say the customer has the 702.bin file, is there any license
    fees to be paid to cisco?
    and what about the activation key?
    is that lost after the upgrade?

    sillymartin, Aug 17, 2006
  5. Yes. The actual transfer of the file is, in a way, the least important part
    of the upgrade process.

    To go from PIX 6.x to 7.x, you either need a support contract on
    the box, or you need to buy a one-time upgrade.

    For most people, the support contract is economically much more
    efficient, in that you get the service as well as the upgrade for a
    price that is not much more than the one-time upgrade cost. There are,
    though, organizations which have strict policies that do not allow
    support contracts; and there are organizations where support is
    "operations" and one-time upgrades would be "capital" and those might
    be different budgets (possibly controlled by completely different
    departments); and there are organizations where the -relatively- small
    price difference between the two cases is too large to be funded
    (e.g. for cash flow reasons... or due to short-sighted management.
    After all, you can read the documentation, right? So why would you
    need a support contract?)

    On the other hand, your PIX 6.1 software is sufficiently old that
    Cisco might tell you that you must purchase the 7.0 upgrade before they
    will consider you for support.

    Please note that some of the features you might want to use in 7.0
    require obtaining additional feature-keys; these are in addition
    to "Restricted" vs "Unrestricted".

    I suggest you scan through the upgrade guide,

    Also, that document indicates that you must be at least at 6.2 before
    the 7.0 upgrade. If I recall correctly, a few weeks ago, someone
    reported success on taking a PIX 4 system to 7.0 (with a few glitches
    along the way.)
    Walter Roberson, Aug 17, 2006
  6. sillymartin

    sillymartin Guest

    let me be devils advocate here:
    again, what happens, if I just install the new image without buying
    the upgrade or support contract?
    will the pix "phone home" magically and quit working?
    so it seems you recomend a support contract?
    wow, the customer has to be worthy to give cisco money?
    sillymartin, Aug 18, 2006
  7. No, the image would work, but as far as Cisco is concerned, you would
    have used the software without permission. If you are in the USA, then
    if I recall correctly, the selling cost of the PIX image (even after the
    maximum Cisco discount) exceeds the bounds set out in the US Federal
    Copyright Act, and as such using the image without permission would
    be a felony (not just a civil contract violation.)

    Don't be like that. I am volunteering my time and skills here, and
    if you are going to get snarky about my phrasing, then I'm sure I could
    go away and find something else to do.

    Cisco prices support contracts based upon assumptions about *limited*
    loss of sales of upgrade contracts, with the presumption that if you
    have relatively recent software then you either bought the device
    recently or else have been paying support recently. You, with your
    6.1 software version, seem unlikely to have been paying support recently,
    since 6.1 was released more than 4 years ago. Cisco is not infinitely
    generous with its support contracts, especially since you can buy
    a support contract for even as little as 10 days.

    I have dealt with a number of software companies whose support policy is
    that if you have allowed your support to lapse, then in order to
    obtain support or upgrades, you must either buy the software again
    or else pay all "back support" -- pay all the years you missed. Even
    then it wasn't uncommon for there to be a time limit such as 2 or 4 years
    beyond which they would not accept the back-support option.
    Walter Roberson, Aug 18, 2006
  8. sillymartin

    sillymartin Guest

    ok, I think i got it,
    thanks again.

    ps:I just seem to have gotten the task to support all our pix customers
    (who _all_ seem to have old pixen, expired support etc) therefore i
    need to know how to convince them to spend some money on a (no doubt)
    great product.

    sillymartin, Aug 21, 2006
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