Response to Pennacle email satisfaction query.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by topple, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. topple

    topple Guest

    (Email reply to Pennacle survey)

    I am sorry, but I took it back to the dealer after a totally frustrating
    week with the following problems.

    1. Installed it on a standalone PC with no internet connection but when
    started it didn't accept .mpg files.

    2. Research on an Internet connection brought up the fact that that an
    external activation was required for mpgs - this is not mentioned on the
    box which falsely states that the product in the box handles .mpgs. (My
    Dodge caravan will play DVD movies - if I buy the player. But the dealer
    doesn't hide the additional purchase requirement from me.)

    3. Connected the media pc to the Internet (a dangerous proposition since
    it is XP) but then discovered there is no menu item for auto activation -
    only manually entering a number and purchasing premium services.

    4. Finally, in an obscure support FAQ, found out how to download an
    activation number. Did so, printed it out, keyed it in, got invalid
    number message. Again. Again.

    5. Removed software, started over, same thing.

    6. Got XP techie friend to help because I was about to punch monitor off
    desk. Day later, finally got usable activation and installation.

    7. Then, after all that I find that YOU STILL HAVEN'T FIXED THE [email protected]#$%^&*
    OUT-OF-SYNC AUDIO/VIDEO PROBLEMS that made Studio 8 worthless!!!!!

    8. Got in car, drove to town in a mood of hoping that the return desk at
    Best Buy would give me ANY slightest bit of flak over returning opened
    software. They didn't, were very polite, gave me a copy of Sony Movie
    Studio +DVD software.

    9. Installed it. Worked great. Built 10 or so DVDs as test that were

    10 Put Pennacle.* on spam reject list.

    Go away. Never again.
    topple, Dec 31, 2004
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